Can pull the black relationship, dont turn your face

 Can pull the black relationship, dont turn your face

He retorted: nonsense, the north pole is blowing strong wind!

His eloquence is the reason why he cant speak well.

They may not be as good as you in all aspects, which will make you angry.

I used to fight with them for a long time, but later I found that it was not worth it.

Its like hitting a mosquito. If you cant get angry, youll get blood.

Someone scolds you every day. Why dont you respond.

Scolding me every day shows that he cant live without me;

The truly powerful people have long been familiar with the way of pulling black and deleting.

Wang Fei has a song called water melody, the lyrics of which are Sushis poems.

But someone commented: who wrote the lyrics? Its much better than Lin Xis.

A dream of Red Mansions is the last piece of music written by Cao Xueqin.

Some people also heard that: the modern sense is too strong, the author of the word more cram several years of Chinese.

I often say, dont turn your face on those who can ignore.

Because not all fish live in the same sea.

No matter how positive you are, you can also meet words that make you speechless.

I just started writing official account numbers.

Later, I published a book, and he said I was the official account.

I have 100 reasons to contradict him, but I dont;

Because I know its very tired to hate someone.

First of all, you should reduce your thinking to the same level as them;

Then they should use what they can understand to refute the self certification.

You can be emotional, at least the enemy of balance.

Never discuss the length with people of different levels. Its a kind of internal friction.

When I was a child, I had a strong competitive mind, distinct love and hate, and more exposed emotions.

What the world looks like has nothing to do with it;

And it has to do with the way you see it.

I hate people, not necessarily really hate;

For example, your good friend said: your clothes are wrinkled.

You immediately think: Ill go home and iron my clothes.

But if someone you hate says that, you will be angry:

Why does he judge me?

Or find out his shallowness and ignorance at first time, and then stay away.

A new reader asked me:

There is a very annoying colleague in the company who always contradicts me;

I really dont know how to deal with it. Do you want to quit?

I asked him with a smile:

Its too tired to change jobs when you meet people you hate.

According to workplace Psychology:

Those we find annoying are often people who contradict our views;

But sometimes its because of these people;

People live through, to see things clearly, but also to look down on some things.

Why dont I suggest you turn up when you meet someone you hate?

Because most of the time, we cant take them.

Theres no car to go to the studio, so we have to wait. There are cold eyes and all kinds of careful machines around.

He suffered and wronged, but he could only bear it.

Because as a little actor, he has no right to speak;

But later, when he became popular with the movie emperor, all the annoying people disappeared.

Surrounded by smiling faces, he was called brother.

No, its Huang Bo going up. Its not easy to get into trouble.

Hes out of those peoples hate range and wont get hurt easily.

Like a technician friend of mine;

When he first entered the company, anyone dared to show him the face.

Eight years later, he is now an executive;

Big and small affairs, even the boss has to discuss with him.

He straightened his back and sighed:

There will always be people who hate me in this world;

All I can do is to make them dare not bully me. Thats enough.

The relationship between adults is not easy to destroy.

Its no good for me to try to speak fast and win in words;

Its better to choose to ignore them and cultivate them into people they cant provoke.

Click looking to remind yourself that human joys and sorrows are not interlinked;

Pull those noisy people, your life will be cleaner.