What kind of online jokes can make people laugh about internal injuries? Season 43

 What kind of online jokes can make people laugh about internal injuries? Season 43


Scorpio and Pisces quarreled, and they deleted each other. I kept silent for two months after the cold war.

Pisces thinks the relationship is over and finds a new boyfriend.

Husband said to his wife, wife, you are too strict with me. I want to have a say!

The wife said: then you paint, you are painting Wang Feng, and I dont care about you.


Some time ago, I called an hour worker to clean. My aunt had to wear shoe covers when she came in.

I told her to step in directly, and aunt said quickly, Im afraid to get my shoes dirty.


The gymnasium here doesnt play songs or Guo Degangs crosstalk.

There was a big guy who laughed when he was pushing, and was smashed by a barbell. Now he is being sent to the hospital.


In order to prevent relatives and friends from coming to me to borrow money, I have won 5 million lottery tickets. In order to learn online methods, I have to call them one by one to borrow money, ranging from 50000 to 100000 yuan.

In the evening, I stared at the 25 million balance of the card and fell into deep meditation.


Its said that double 11 is cheap. Can you be with me as cheap as me?

In the third and fourth tier cities, there are houses, shops, businesses, beautiful wives and a brother who is a small official. Are they successful people?

My friend asked me, your cell phone is stuck like this, why not clean the memory? I said it can save money. At that time, he was still confused.

Until today, when we have dinner together, many people rush to pay the bill. The bill is all finished. I havent opened wechat yet.