Thats right. I made up this story

 Thats right. I made up this story

After the condolence is over, the Qi is smooth and the heart is calm. If you think about it again, its over. Lets just be a small person and hide.

There are four leaders who play mahjong together, namely director Cao of the Urban Construction Bureau, director Ni of the power supply bureau, chairman Ma of the natural gas company, and leader Zhu of the traffic police detachment.

On this day, Captain Zhu lost a lot of money, and sadly refused their three invitations to go to bath together and went home.

The next day, as soon as captain Zhu arrived at the office, he remembered the bad smile on the face of President Ma in the game of cards last night. When he was angry, he didnt fight at all. He took a hard smoke and lay in the comfortable bosss chair.

After he whispered in the ear of the chief of the office, they had a sharp smile on each others eyes.

In the afternoon, a large number of traffic police were on duty on the road near the natural gas company, checking the vehicles and pasting illegal stickers. The people around the company were running away from each other.

Ma always felt his round belly and walked back and forth in the office. The secretary looked at the boss and was worried. He told the boss what he had heard. It was said that there was a female tiger in the head of the horse team. His seat was supported by the father-in-law before he retired. Can you think of a way from here.

There was a smile in Mr. Mas eyes, and he immediately ordered: its the heating season recently, and the gas supply is in short supply. You should send a notice that all the central heating districts should limit the gas supply, and carry out the gas safety inspection in winter, so as to ensure the safety of the whole city.

This is a frying pan. All the people living in the community are the families and retired leaders of the traffic police team. Who can stand it? Let alone the heating, even the cooking is a problem.

The elder and father-in-law of ZhuDui called her. When she heard this, she scolded ZhuDui. Zhu team had to call Ma Zong and promised to deal with his affairs, which would be settled.

The next day, director Ni of the power supply bureau invited Zhus team out for dinner alone. At the dinner table, he said earnestly to Zhu: you are still too young. In the past few years, your predecessor just couldnt get along with me. I wanted to settle down, but my boss didnt agree.

In a fit of rage, I directly pulled the switch of the traffic police team and stopped the power for a week. At last, I was stuck. My old superior controlled the real power of the Standing Committee of the city and forced your disobedient predecessor to go to other provinces.

Like you, I was young and vigorous when I was just in office. Cao Bureau of Urban Construction Bureau asked me to make a special line. I was shocked.

Later, I had to give him the project of our power supply bureaus family building to settle down. His father is a member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee.

Dont think about it. Your father-in-law is retired. Is it good for you to make enemies in such a hurry? We are all grasshoppers in a boat. If you want to drown, dont be childish.

Finally, director Ni sighed and said:

We should have the heart of gratitude, the right hand is always grateful, the left hand is like a shadow! It teaches us to recognize the colorful world.

Use it to exercise when you are young, and use it to climb double peaks when you are old! Dont gamble when you are alive. Make money with kindness.

Theres so much more to explore in this world. Lets go. Ill take you to the hot spring to relax. Then Ill do a good job. (end)

Yes, the story was made up by the second brother. Look at the bustle. Wash your face and go to work. Try to move bricks. Good morning.