Its no wonder that so many people love the macho harvester because its gold and silver, fashionable and casual

 Its no wonder that so many people love the macho harvester because its gold and silver, fashionable and casual

1u3001 Jin Gaoyin TV series

The show, led by Kim and Lee, is the kings eternal monarch. The play mainly tells the story that in the parallel world, the protoss cast demons on the Terran. It is also used by demons to ask questions and arouse deep thinking. If there is a person who is the same as himself in parallel time and space, how can you choose?

2u3001 The costume of Jin Gaoyins plays

In the play, gold and silver are very simple to wear, but they can bring people a comfortable feeling. Jin Gaoyin, who has an advanced face, can always find a suitable look for himself in TV series

uff081uff09 Wear in the princes play forever

First is the light blue denim shirt, the collar is a more conventional style, with a dark side button. The whole curly hair is pulled into a ponytail shape behind the ears, which is very kind and fashionable and simple. It can be said that you can wear it without thinking

The overall wear is also quite coordinated and good-looking. Choose the black middle neck sweater in the interior and the black windbreaker in the exterior. It doesnt need too much ostentatious decoration. Simple black mood is fashionable enough

Against the natural and unrestrained background of the male owner, the clothes of Jin Gaoyin didnt appear to be too outspoken, but increased some student spirit, with a more youthful and simple feeling. The gold Gaoyin looks exquisite and stylish, and its worthy of being a male god harvester

But the color matching and interworking will bring people a comfortable and fashionable feeling. In the play, he often uses the style of clothes that are folded to show a more diversified effect. Inside, he wears a beige medium neck sweater

The outermost set is a large Plaid Shirt coat with yellow brown gray black and white elements. The texture of woolen cloth shows its uniqueness. The dark gray hooded sweater is used in the middle for a transition and decoration

uff082uff09 Other plays of Jin Gaoyin

At the same time, the dress presentation of Jin Gaoyin in other plays is also very fashionable and stylish. Generally speaking, it is very suitable for her own temperament and has a relatively sharp sense of fashion, especially loved and sought after by the young people. Lets take a look!

1. Liu lies music album

In Liu lies music album, Gao Yin turns her long hair into a ball head style, and matches it with a very loose T-shirt. The whole persons youth and fashion are coming, very young and natural. The T-shirt often has a clever idea. Its a deep blue and light blue style. Its also printed with Pepsis logo, full of childlike fun

The next shot, however, shows more elegant temperament of a lady, and at the same time, it is full of youthful feeling, and even some beautiful expectations of first love. Its just to tie up your hair gently behind your ears, and then match it with a light make-up. The dress is a double breasted dress style. There are two-color Plaid lines in it, but it doesnt fall into the Convention. Instead, it looks very outstanding

(2) Riotous lawyer

Among the riotous lawyers, Jin Gaoyins dress didnt break away from the simple and fashionable interpretation, but it changed the once youthful style and showed a completely different spiritual outlook, becoming more mature

3u3001 Extend your life

1. Shirt


A solid color shirt, which is more versatile, can also be used as a foil for a suit coat or a T-shirt. Single wear can achieve a simple and appropriate state, and overlapping wear will not appear too messy, and can always be a good use. When matching, you can choose the fashion feeling presented in the color matching, so that it can show superior matching skills


The shirt with pattern will be more personalized, and unconventional means more unique. Sometimes the pleasing shirt pattern will completely change the temperament of a shirt, and the upper body effect may achieve a big reversal. Most of the time, its more suitable to wear alone to fully release the highlight of the whole shirt

Skirts are very popular in Korean dramas. Whether you want to show cute or gentle, a skirt can be done. And the matching of skirt is more plastic and feminine


Long skirts can cover more leg areas, especially for changing body shape. Long skirts with high waistlines can often create a feeling of big long legs

Moreover, the temperament of the long skirt is more prominent, which is more suitable for the clothing that wants to show the gentle temperament. The one-piece dress will also better realize the overall unity, and eliminate some troubles of clothing matching

Short skirt

The short skirt is different from the long one. Many times, some high waisted skirts can also improve the waistline, but they usually show two temperament: one is sexiness, strong metal sense and full personality

We can also choose the corresponding dress according to the occasion we need, so that we can have a clear direction and be more handy when choosing

1. Workplace

If you want to enter or leave the workplace, you still need to choose some clothes that are more suitable for commuting. The typical ones are shirts, suits and so on. The whole should be neat and tidy enough to show a sense of formality

2. Daily

But the daily wear does not need too many rules and regulations, the choice is bigger, simple and comfortable. You can also choose according to your hobbies and body shape. The simpler, the clearer and the better

It will be more pleasant to wear, more casual and simple in general. You can choose some basic all-around styles. The evergreen style in the fashion world will never make mistakes!

3. Vacation

When showing a good figure, it has more theme style. You can choose straw hat or sunglasses and other accessories to enhance your temperament. Its very simple to have beautiful films