Dont laugh at her stepping on Yu Shuxin! This is the real princess of Beijing circle, ok

 Dont laugh at her stepping on Yu Shuxin! This is the real princess of Beijing circle, ok

With Yu Shuxins popularity soaring, Zhao Xiaotang, who was tied up with her, began to gain popularity from Kong Xueers companion reading.

Not only rose powder 9W overnight, but also ranked in the top three, and finally made a debut.

However, until the night of Chengtuan night, Zhao Xiaotangs family situation was exposed, many people found that, eh, it seems that he was wrong?

Big fish and Begonia are all right. Where can you turn against these monsters?

Yu Shuxins family is well-off. Most people are familiar with her. The demon elder sister also stole 40 billion yuan in front of Yu Shuxin. Whats the C position?

I used to know that she was a big girl in Beijing, but now I know what it means to be rich and rich.

The program team interviewed Zhao Xiaotangs mother In a short time, I changed two sets of Chanel.

Wearing Chanel early spring 2020 color blocking T-shirt, tens of thousands of pieces.

In addition, I wear Chanels small fragrant knitting coat and Chanels earrings.

This little fragrant coat has the same style late. Its just the upper body effect

Obviously, Zhao Xiaotangs mother is better.

At the age of 40 +, she has two children, and her figure is like a girl, like Zhao Xiaotangs sister.

Zhao Xiaotangs brother in the interview is wearing Burberry childrens clothing series.

Compared with big brand clothes, Zhao Xiaotangs family background is more eye-catching.

Zhao Xiaotang ins used to sun the interior view of his home, including railings, stairs, elevators and underground cinemas.

It seems more intuitive in the video, sisters feel it.

Dont guess.

According to fans, Zhao Xiaotang said live earlier that he lived in a villa and had a nanny to take care of him since he was a child.

And the villa of Zhao Xiaotangs family, the net spreads in 9 figures or so.

The demon elder sister counted hundreds of millions of them with her fingers.

On the night of Chengtuan night, Zhao Xiaotangs parents went to the scene to watch.

I bought Xicha for Zhao Xiaotangs fans.

When Zhao Xiaotang was announced, his mother was in tears.

Just raise your hand and cover your face. This big diamond ring is very eye-catching. Its more than three carats.

Its said that Zhao Xiaotangs parents are from the northeast and have been doing business in Beijing for many years. She and her brother grew up in Beijing, and they live in more than one house.

And Zhao Xiaotangs daily street photos are also famous.

Wearing canadian goose bread suit, carrying LV color matching handbag and Burberry shirt.

This LV handbag has a high rate of appearance.

Another LV bag, the new one this year. On his hand was a narrow version of Cartiers bracelet.

Or LV bag, with LV customized shoes.

Zhao Xiaotang is carrying LV bag and Yu Shuxin is carrying chanel bag. Bai Fumeis friendship is really a perfect match.

In addition, the INS has been dyed with Hermes pink and brown.

Zhao Xiaotangs bag is much later than the famous ladys.

She also generously admitted that she often worked as a doctor and had a face slimming injection before going to the program.

Before, we thought Zhao Xiaotang put on a bad face and straightened his head. Since he had a filter for the rich, dont say, sister Tang is quite lovely.

So young producers work hard to send Zhao Xiaotang out.

As for Yu Shuxin and Zhao Xiaotang playing together, its just the normal social intercourse between the princess in Beijing and the famous ladies in Shanghai.

What a lot of people dont know is that at first Zhao Xiaotang company specially reminded her that she was afraid that her violent temper would fight Yu Shuxin, who loved to do it.

No one makes use of them, because they are the same circle, so friendship is more pure.

However, Zhao Xiaotang can go to this day, even if she has family support, but more depends on her strength and efforts.

Zhao Xiaotang, formerly known as Zhao Jiahui, has been learning folk dance since he was 8 years old.

At the beginning of my junior high school, I was admitted to Peking University Affiliated High School, the top four middle school in Beijing.

According to students, Zhao Xiaotang was in the school dance team when he was in junior high school. At that time, he was very beautiful and praised as grade flower. There were many rich second generation pursuits.

But she was the last of her grades. (Zhao Xiaotang, worthy of you) later transferred to Beiwu high school.

When she was in high school, her father hoped that she could go to Beijing Normal University. Zhao Xiaotang is not convinced. He wants to take the examination of Beijing Dance Academy.

So she practiced dance hard. At the age of 16, she was recruited by Beiwu.

At the age of 19, he participated in the taoli cup dance competition with the highest standard in China, known as China Dance Oscar.

(video of dancing at the age of 15)

After graduating from the undergraduate program at the age of 20, my father hopes that she can study abroad, study intangible cultural heritage management, and come back to be a civil servant, and live a safe and stable life.

She felt that nine to five life was too boring and wanted to do something she was interested in.

However, she began to have fans support, plus her, a total of only 14 people.

When I participated in Jings recording, no one knew her at the airport, and I was photographing Kong Xueer.

After that, she began to be noticed by CP.

And with years of dance skills, from the bad face to the straight character of fake smile, harvest a large number of loyal fans.

You have one vote, I have one vote, and I was sent to the group position, which is higher than Kong Xueer.

Its like changing your life against the sky.

Some people bet that Zhao Xiaotang will be the best one in the entertainment circle in the the nine combination.

This demon sister believes.

Although she is only the third girl, she is said to be highly praised.

Chen Kaige, the director who came to attend Jing, asked her to have a good time, and Chen Hong, who is less and more knowledgeable, helped her publicize.

I think theres a big guide behind it. Its a lot easier to walk in the entertainment circle~

Its a lot easier for rich people to pursue their dreams than for ordinary people.

They dont have to rush for survival, they can do what they like, so they have more independent choices.

Even if they lose, they still have a good family background.

On this point, Zhao Xiaotang and Yu Shuxin are similar.

I remember that there was a period of training students to call home, Zhao Xiaotangs father because he missed her, I hope she was quickly eliminated home.

This is just as redundant as someone once feared that Ma boqian would have no job if he didnt make the top three.

The demon elder sister wants to ask, since big fish Begonia sister flower hand in hand came out, can change me to inherit the family property?