After reading this, you will find that Kylies 30000 tennis racket is nothing

 After reading this, you will find that Kylies 30000 tennis racket is nothing

Yes, even tennis is double clogo

Sister Ba is here to analyze the items for you. Chanel is selling tennis and rackets. The price of ordinary tennis is $795. The total customized pink version of Kay may be more expensive.

The racket costs $4999, plus Kylies full Chanel Jersey, and the total cost of this circle of friends is conservatively estimated to be more than $12000.

But JeffreeStar bought it and used it to post a piece of Versailles literature, INS:Havingsomuchfunwithmynew#ChanelBoomerang

So sister Ba is here today to check the magic surroundings of these luxury goods recently, and have fun together. What if we plant grass?

Outdoor sports enthusiasts

Lets continue to talk about Chanel. In addition to the perfect performance in fashion and bags, Chanel has been trying to enrich the daily life of Jimei people in other ways.

Especially in the field of sports, such as the Chanel basketball made of high-grade calfskin. Bajie, who cant play basketball, is also fascinated by the same metal chain of classicflap.

Chanel basketball HK $16800

Ordinary people cant afford it, but Jay Chou can do it. In fact, its much cheaper than most of Chanels packages. Its also a WOC price. Its not expensive!

Its not just basketball. How could Chanel let go of such noble sports as surfing. This years new surfboard, the matte blackboard body is simple and elegant, a logo is enough to support everything, and the price of $8900 is enough for the noble!

Chanel surfboard $8900

There are also skateboards. In addition to the simple logo design, the bottom of the skateboard is covered with the same silk texture of rhombus pattern! Noble luxury, dont know whether Wang Yibo considers starting with one?

Chanel skateboard $7700

Chanel bike RMB 120000

What many people dont know is that Chanel even gave out a guitar bag? Its really a good student with two styles. You can get a ringgit guitar bag for 4000 dollars, and give it away!

Chanel guitar $4030

Its fun

LouisVuitton, as the mobile phone of leather industry, its smart series and sporting goods series also fully reflect the advantages of the brand in leather industry.

LouisVuitton volleyball RMB 21900

LouisVuitton dumbbell RMB 21900

There are even more exquisite skipping rope of old flower leather Would you like to sweat?

But recently, the new set of football on the table is still appreciated by Bajie. The combination of elegant texture and ultra-high texture leather production technology is a big toy in a very small market, as long as the price of an SUV.

LouisVuitton table football RMB 635000

This colorful set of music is also too beautiful to play. I just want to hold it and put it in the picture.

LouisVuitton rmb25500

LouisVuitton Dice Set RMB 5550

The following set of memory card suit is also of great commemorative value. Each one has its own illustration, which is attentive enough!

LouisVuitton memory game card RMB 5700

Finally, the dark blue solitaire game reveals the high quality of LouisVuitton in terms of details and overall style design.

LouisVuitton game RMB 61000

Around the fine gentry harness

Herm u00e8 s, who started as a horse driver, has not only gained considerable recognition in terms of furniture, but also started to make cosmetics and games.

Next, please enjoy Hermess top (matching) level (goods) week (push) side (recommendation).

Is the new lipstick ready? Do not match on this handmade pair of pure leather lipstick cover, how to stand up to Hermes in lipstick? (thats the price of 32 lipsticks)

Herm u00e8 s Lipstick set $1925

Hermes also applied his good aesthetic in art to the Tarot. I dont know if the fortune will be better as a result of such divination?

Herm u00e8 s Tarot 950 RMB

Even the temperament of dice is dead. The perfect combination of high-grade jujube and log makes it attractive to decorate at home.

Herm u00e8 s, who started as a horse maker, has never let people down in terms of horse supplies. Its no better to use it to distribute goods. (if you have a horse in your family)

Herm u00e8 s neckband RMB 3050

Pure leather can match the outline of the horse as much as possible, and the price of a bag can change the horses good face.

Herm u00e8 s MAHLE RMB 13900

The pure leather horse back shock pad will be more comfortable to ride. It costs 5600 RMB.

Its a product with a price comparable to that of a bag. The comfort should be very good, too

Herm u00e8 s horse belt RMB 11350

Herm u00e8 s Portable brush RMB 1500

Such a horse head woodcarving cant really see that it is actually a building block. No matter as childrens toys or home furnishings, I believe that this is a good thing to improve the atmosphere at home.

Herm u00e8 s building block puzzle RMB 7050

Whimsy expert


Who is more than Tiffany, who really integrates luxury into life and conforms to every luxury?

Tiffanylove series teddy bear RMB 3650

what? Tiffany even made a yo yo. It must have a unique sense of use in pure silver.

Tiffany yo yo $310

Tiffany snooker set $1500

A set of classic Tiffany blue poker set with chips, think about the price may not be free allin, right?

Tiffany travel poker set RMB 25200

After experimenting with all kinds of leisure and entertainment products, Tiffany finally started playing musical instruments. How can a pure silver harmonica not make people feel excited? The price is also moderate. Its $395.

Tiffany harmonica $395

Cute little animal piggy bank is really advanced and beautiful. It can be a work of art at home. Who is willing to break it?

Tiffany deposit tank RMB 1200

This pure silver clothes clip is another incredible product after the paper clip. Compared with hanging clothes, sister Ba may choose to use it as accessories!

The final play is the pure silver bubble blowing toy, which costs 2250 yuan.

Tiffany bubble toys RMB 2250

The feeling of bubbles reflects the light of diamonds, which is necessary for delicate fairies


The transformation of Saint Laurent into an attitude player starts with the opening of a concept store called Saint Laurent rive droite in Paris last year.

Here, there are all kinds of peripheral things about Saint Laurent, from small wooden cars to game consoles, only you cant think of, no magic things you cant buy.

Although it cant be regarded as cheap and high-quality, compared with other big brand peripherals, the price of Saint Laurents peripherals is really conscience. For example, this quite advanced matte black radio only needs 75 euro.

Saint Laurent radio 75 Euro

And this Saint Laurent mini game machine, the classic black-and-white square elements plus simple white logo, 2500 Euro luxury childhood, think about it?

Saint Laurent black and white 2500 euros

35 Polaroid for a saint laurentx Polaroid cooperation, collection significance is very high.

Saint laurentx Polaroid SX70 camera 5500 Euro

Do you like the candylabtoy cooperative sports car parked in front of the store?

245 euro is a good time to pick up the same small wooden car

Such a matte black recharger is also a potential trend item. It costs 55 euros and can be used.

Saint Laurent 55 euros

Saint Laurent 75 euros

Not really. Think about Saint laurentt? With a variety of patterns and options, you can instantly push down the God of man with good taste. The effect needs to be tested.

After all, why do luxury brands have so many famous brands? In the final analysis, there are several reasons:

1. Diversified development for change. People have higher and higher requirements for exquisite life. In order to meet the needs of peoples consumption and upgrading, big brands not only need clothing accessories, but also begin to integrate brand concept and design into all aspects of luxury lifestyle.

2. Attract the attention of generation Z. Most of the old fashion houses are expensive and have a cold image. Crossing the border can make the brand younger. They not only serve the existing customers, but also strive to keep pace with the times and integrate into the young people.

3. Enhance brand art value. Compared with ordinary products, the exquisite high price neighbors are actually more like a work of art, and the collection and appreciation are destined to be greater than the functionality.

In fact, for most people, even if they cant afford these peripherals, they are also very willing to discuss and understand. After all, good-looking bags are available every year, and brands with interesting souls are one in a million.

After watching sister Bajies class, lets share in the comments whats the most incredible luxury youve bought!

Editor in chief / Chen Xixi

Editorial assistant / Blair