Zhejiang Yidi issued documents for comments: night stall fee of 0.8 yuan / m2 per day

 Zhejiang Yidi issued documents for comments: night stall fee of 0.8 yuan / m2 per day

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(Draft for comments)

Article 1 in order to strengthen urban management and standardize the operation of catering stores temporarily occupying urban roads at night, in line with the principles of people-oriented, serving the peoples livelihood, combination of blocking and dredging, and standardized operation, in accordance with the urban road management regulations, the urban road management office law of Zhejiang Province and the urban appearance and environmental sanitation management regulations of Zhejiang Province, and in combination with the actual situation of Zhuji City, we have formulated This specification.

Article 2 this code is applicable to the catering stores that temporarily occupy the sidewalk in front of the door or public space to engage in business activities in the permitted area of the urban area at night.

The areas that are allowed to temporarily occupy urban roads at night shall be demarcated by the comprehensive administrative law enforcement department according to the actual situation, and may be adjusted in time according to the needs.

Article 3 in the permitted areas of urban areas, restaurants that need to temporarily occupy sidewalks in front of doors or public places for business activities at night may apply for permission to temporarily occupy urban roads at night.

Article 5 the following materials shall be submitted when applying for permission to temporarily occupy urban roads at night:

uff081uff09 Application form for temporary occupation of urban road, in which the time, place, area, contact person, telephone number, etc. of occupation of urban road shall be stated;

uff082uff09 Business license, food business license, hygiene license and other related licenses;

uff083uff09 Plan of occupied urban road, indicating relevant dimensions.

Chapter III Supervision and management

uff081uff09 Comply with relevant laws, regulations and rules;

uff082uff09 Standardize operation and obey management;

uff083uff09 Civilized, high quality and honest service;

uff085uff09 Operate according to the specified location, scope and time, and shall not affect road traffic, pedestrian and fire safety;

uff086uff09 Three Guarantees in front of the door shall be implemented to maintain the order of the city appearance and environmental sanitation of the business site, and the landscaping and municipal environmental sanitation facilities shall not be damaged;

uff088uff09 The operators who temporarily occupy urban roads shall complete the site cleaning before the closing of the market, and shall conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the business site once a week to avoid ground pollution. The kitchen garbage shall be placed in an orderly manner in accordance with the garbage classification regulations;

uff089uff09 Food shall be made indoors. It is strictly prohibited to work outdoors with open fire and barbecue in the open air;

Article 9 the commitment system of operation and management shall be implemented, and the commitment content of honest operation shall be the compliance with the urban management regulations and the implementation of Three Guarantees in front of the door. The operators shall consciously accept the supervision and management of the city appearance and environmental health authorities. Those who violate the laws and regulations on city appearance, urban roads, ecological environment, etc. shall be punished by the relevant departments.

Article 10 Anyone who, in violation of these Provisions, insults or assaults the administrative personnel and obstructs the performance of official duties shall be punished by the public security organ in accordance with the provisions of the law of the peoples Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security; if a crime is constituted, it shall be transferred to the judicial organ for criminal responsibility according to law.

Chapter V supplementary provisions

The twelfth article this specification shall come into force as of 2020.

Examination and approval form for temporary occupation of urban roads at night by Zhuji Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau

Filling time: Squadron No. (), mm / DD / yyyy


contact number

Application content

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Opinions of functional departments

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Note: the business license and the plan sketch map of the temporary occupation of urban road at night shall be provided.

List of commercial entities and roads to be allowed to temporarily occupy urban roads at night

1. No.182-212, Zhuluo East Road

2u3001 No night city

3. Building 12, 13, 14, 19, 24, 29, Zhilu New Village

6. 3-1 to 7-18 Zhuluo East Road

7. No. 8, Dongxing Road (by the gymnasium side)

8. TangYun square

9. 116 South Huansha Road

10. 6 Fengmin road to 2 Fengnan Road

11. No.80-82, North Jiyang Road