Sky high price sniper rifle of trump bodyguard with unit price of nearly 100000 yuan

 Sky high price sniper rifle of trump bodyguard with unit price of nearly 100000 yuan

On June 2, the website of war zone of the United States published a report entitled about the huge rifle carried by the sniper in the secret service during Trumps out shooting period. The relevant contents are compiled as follows:

For the audience in front of the TV, a strange scene happened in the White House on Monday (June 1): two U.S. secret service snipers walked with government officials to St. Johns Church in trump for posing. One of the snipers carried a huge futuristic rifle that seemed to spark a lot of imagination.

This sniper rifle is based on axaics, a bolted ax frame system of precision International (AI). This advanced sniper platform is specially designed for high-precision sniper, enabling users such as law enforcement agencies and the military to customize caliber, shooting mode and barrel combination according to their own needs.

Information picture: axaics long-range sniper rifle carried by snipers of US presidents secret service. (Reuters)

Photo: propaganda photo of axaics sniper rifle. (UK precision international website)

The axaics sniper rifle can fire. 308 Winchester ammunition and. 338 Lapa magnum ammunition. The company also produces. 50 caliber anti materiel rifles based on the variant ax frame sniper system. The snipers rifle carried by the US and Chinese presidential secret service is most likely to contain. 300 Winchester magnum ammunition or. 338 Lapa magnum ammunition.

The sniper rifle is also equipped with a silencer and high-power sniper mirror. It seems that the sniper mirror is 5-25 u00d7 56pm type II of Schmidt bender company of Germany. Sniper mirrors alone cost about $4500, while the fully equipped ax series rifle costs about $7000. The price of silencer is about 1500 dollars, and the price of heavy-duty bipedal support is about 300 dollars. As a result, the total price of such a ready-made weapon system is about $13300 - of course, the U.S. government contract price is different.

The U.S. secret service sniper team also includes another sniper or observer equipped with an SR-25 semi-automatic sniper rifle. Unlike the ax series sniper rifle, this weapon has great range or high precision, but its (continuous) firepower is stronger and more suitable for medium range shooting. As a result, a person with a longer range sniper rifle can act as an anti sniper and anti equipment sniper, while another person can be responsible for eliminating multiple short-range threats. And any one of them can act as an observer for the other.

Photo: the improved SR-25 semi-automatic sniper rifle launched by US private enterprises. (DOD website)

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