60000 shareholders are confused! The junk stock is on the verge of delisting, which has risen 93percent in 8 days

 60000 shareholders are confused! The junk stock is on the verge of delisting, which has risen 93percent in 8 days

Stock price nearly doubled in 8 days

Netizens send out soul torture

By the end of the day, Stormwind group had closed at 2.57 yuan / share, up 9.83%, with a turnover of 61.75 million yuan. From the perspective of the daily K-line chart, it seems to be the posture of the bottom of the bull stock starts to break through upward: after the record low of 1.33 yuan / share in the past five years of listing was set in the intraday trading on May 26, the stock price rose by 93% and nearly doubled in 8 trading days!

Storm groups recent daily K-line chart

For the recent strength of storm group, there are many melon eaters in the muddle circle. In the stock bar, many netizens sent out soul torture:

On the evening of June 3, Stormwind group once again released the suggestive announcement on the risk of stock being suspended from listing. Within 9 months from August 30, 2019, 40 suggestive announcements with the same theme have been issued, on average one week!

Under the influence of the epidemic, there are a large number of listed companies delaying the issuance of 2019 annual report. However, there is only one A-share company that has not yet hired an auditor or made an extension of its annual report. According to the regulations of the exchange, the disclosure period of the annual report of the listed company is April 30 of each year. If the annual report of 2019 is still unable to be disclosed by storm group on June 30, the listing will be suspended by the exchange; if the annual report of 2019 is still unable to be disclosed by storm group on July 30, the listing will be terminated by the transaction.

However, Stormwind group cant even hire CFO and audit agency until now. Zhang Lina, the former CFO, resigned as early as October last year, and her original term of office expires on December 13, 2020. In other words, it took the company half a year to recruit CFO. In this way, its almost certain that the 2019 annual report of storm group cant be disclosed, and on May 20, it received the investigation notice of CSRC suspected of illegal information disclosure. That is to say, with 16 trading days left this month, Stormwind will be suspended from listing, and then it will be delisted.

In addition, another reason that may lead to the delisting of Stormwind group is:

Of course, the second delisting factor is based on the premise that the first delisting factor is established, that is, the company must be able to disclose at least 2019 annual report. If it is not disclosed at all, the second delisting factor will not be realized.

In addition, from this announcement, we can also see the current tragic situation of Stormwind group, which said: the companys salary payment to employees is difficult, and a large number of company personnel continue to drain. Except Mr. Feng Xin, the companys senior management has all resigned, and the securities affairs representative who assists in information disclosure has also resigned. At present, there are only more than 10 people left in the company, and some employees are in arrears.

In the face of such a junk stock that is almost certain to be listed on the delisting list, most investors will retreat, so the funds that can be bought during the eight trading days of skyrocketing can be called real warriors.

Image source: wind

According to wind data, Stormwind group once again received 10.5 million yuan of main net purchases yesterday, with 6 days of net inflows in nearly 10 trading days, bringing the total net inflows to 24.74 million yuan.

Image source: wind data

From the dragon and tiger list, Stormwind group has been on the list many times in the recent eight trading days. Among them, from May 27 to May 29, the accumulative deviation value of rise and fall in three consecutive trading days is 20%, and from June 1 to June 3, the accumulative deviation value of rise and fall in three consecutive trading days is 20%.

During this period, Haitong Securities Guiyang Fushui North Road business department and CAITONG securities Wenling Zhonghua Road business department appeared quite active, constantly in the purchase and sale of their top five seats in the flash.

So what is the purpose of these funds? Is it possible to apply for resumption of listing after the withdrawal of gambling storm group?

There is no lack of investors who hype rubbish in the market. Apart from the ulterior motives, investing in such stocks is nothing more than betting on a chance of survival. According to industry insiders, junk stock has two main investment lines to follow: one is to tap stocks with decapitation expectations for performance improvement, and the other is to find high-quality shell resources. However, after the gem reform was launched, the hype of shell resources has retreated. It remains to be tested by the market whether the funds for killing garbage stocks in large quantities are gold digging or bosha.

Market value decreased by 98%, 60000 shareholders felt complicated

Five years ago, in March 2015, following the most popular bull market of the Internet, Stormwind group was listed on the growth enterprise board. After the listing, it continuously pulled out 29 one word trading limits to create a history, which was called the king of new share growth at that time. After that, the issuing price of Stormwind group rose from 7.14 yuan to 148.27 yuan, up 19.77 times; after the word board was opened, the stock price of Stormwind group surged to 327 yuan / share, with a peak market value of more than 40 billion yuan.

Daily K-line chart of storm group since its listing

After the listing of storm group, it failed to make a successful transformation, and blindly expanded into multiple fields at the same time, including storm VR, storm sports, storm film, etc., which caused huge consumption to the company, and finally ended miserably. Since April 2016, the companys share price has been on a long way to decline; in 2018, storm group lost a huge loss of more than 1 billion yuan, including asset impairment loss of up to 768 million yuan, and the financial statements were issued with qualified opinions. Then storm group has been thundering constantly, the companys share price has never recovered. Up to now, the total market value of the company is only over 850 million yuan, and tens of billions of wealth are gone. In July last year, the company announced that Feng Xin, the actual controller, had been imposed by the public security organs. In December, the company announced that only 10 employees had left the company and all the senior managers had left.

According to the top ten circulating shareholders ranking in the third quarter of 2019, except Feng Xin, the actual controller of the company in prison, the rest of the shareholders are natural persons. The last time the top ten circulating shareholders of the company appeared in the annual report of 2017, including an investment company and two funds, after which the institutions quickly fled the risk aversion.

According to the third quarter report of 2019 of storm group, the number of shareholders at that time was 63500, which had decreased year by year. Although there is no relevant announcement in the later period, it can be estimated that the number of shareholders of the company is still decreasing.

In the face of the stock price doubling in the recent eight trading days, the mood of the 60000 shareholders of storm group is a little complicated

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