During the new crown, the hospitals paper was published in the top journals

 During the new crown, the hospitals paper was published in the top journals

Theres nothing wrong with that, but it could mislead doctors into giving up their stethoscopes, said Gao and others The reasons for giving up are: first, many medical staff were infected during the epidemic, so they were afraid to approach the patients; second, the conventional stethoscope was not practical after the medical staff wore protective clothing; third, the ultrasonic equipment can not only hold hands, but also provide detection data and imaging.

However, as novel coronavirus pneumonia first-line treatment of the largest military hospital, central theater general hospital worked for more than 60 days after the outbreak. According to their clinical experience, Gao Xuhui and others would like to emphasize that stethoscope should not be abandoned during the covid-19 epidemic.

The authors list six reasons. First of all, covid-19 patients are at risk of cross infection during hospitalization and are not allowed to be accompanied by family members. At the same time, because people with mortality are often afraid of the disease, they need more humanitarian care. Stethoscope is not only a diagnostic tool, but also a bridge between doctors and patients. It allows us to interact with patients and listen to their past, lifestyle and body. Auscultation can shorten the distance between doctors and patients, make it easier to gain trust and build a better doctor-patient relationship.

Secondly, there is a trend of specialization between ultrasound doctors and clinicians in some countries. If the ultrasound doctor is called to the bedside, this may increase the risk of infection with covid-19. The virus could also be taken by ultrasound doctors to the next patient who also needs bedside ultrasound. In addition, some doctors of non infectious diseases, such as ultrasound doctors, have participated in the work of epidemic prevention after short-term training in some areas with poor medical resources. In these difficult times, there may not be enough ultrasound doctors to perform the required tests.

Third, the doctors first step is to auscultate the lungs to determine if they are infected. It is often inappropriate to rely on the equipment before a detailed physical examination, as this may lead to misdiagnosis.

Fourth, what is needed in clinical emergencies is to find out the cause immediately, rather than the ultrasound equipment. For example, when using a ventilator, the patient is suddenly blocked by dry mucus. At the critical moment, it is the stethoscope beside the bed or the diagnostic tool that can save the patients life, rather than the ultrasonic equipment. In addition, using a stethoscope may be easier to determine if the stomach tube is in the stomach than using an ultrasound device.

Fifth, doctors need to carry out a preliminary diagnosis after a comprehensive physical examination, rather than a cold and expensive checklist. Expensive equipment is not suitable for initial diagnosis or real-time monitoring.

Sixth, hand-held ultrasound equipment or pocket ultrasound equipment are very expensive, so not every doctor in a community hospital or a clinic in a remote village can configure them. However, these doctors are fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and face a higher risk of infection every day.

The authors also share a method for preparing a simple alternative to traditional stethoscope. This simple stethoscope can be made from a sterile A4 paper around an empty potato chip cylinder. The authors believe that such stethoscope can be placed on each bed to prevent cross contamination, while being economical, safe and free.

Our medical staff are not infected with sars-cov-2. The authors stress.

In addition, compared with the emergency equipment which was used to collect local materials during the epidemic, the authors also mentioned some new equipment, such as non-contact Bluetooth stethoscope.

However, in any case, the authors believe that stethoscope should not be discarded during the outbreak of the new crown.