How long can the concept shares of local stall be popular? The company issued a clarification that Shenzhen Hong Kong communication was selling goods

 How long can the concept shares of local stall be popular? The company issued a clarification that Shenzhen Hong Kong communication was selling goods

The industry believes that the speculation of the plate should finally be implemented to the performance. After the hot speculation of the local market economy, the future market will gradually return to rationality. If there is no exact performance to support, the stock price will skyrocket day by day, and this kind of individual stock should be vigilant.

Stick to the concept of stall, and the sunshade will go up and down as usual

The concept of stall economy has spread, and many branches such as textile and clothing, craft goods, beer, crawfish, and vending vehicles have broken out. More than 20 shares, such as Langsha, Xian Catering, guangbai, Zhejiang Yongqiang, Huasi, Xiangjiang holding, small commodity city, Dima, Maoye business, Xiaokang, Yindu, Guolian aquatic, Dahu, and Haining Picheng, have been trading up and down.

Maoye commerce, Yindu Co., Ltd. and small commodity city have four boards, and Xiangjiang Holdings has two boards.

Strong rub up the market economy of sunshade umbrella company Zhejiang Yongqiang word limit.

Zhejiang Yongqiang said on the interactive platform on Wednesday that in terms of floor stand management, we can consider choosing the companys straight umbrella / umbrella dropping, folding shed / sunshade and other products, including metal tables and chairs, which are suitable for outdoor use.

For the panel, some netizens made up a story: including many trading stocks on that day:

He built a high-end dining car equipped with exquisite tires!

From Guolian aquatic products, Zhangzi Island wholesale aquatic products

Yiwu Small Commodity City wholesale Wumao

Pull a few cases of Zhujiang Beer with Zhuhai Zhongfu bottle cap,

Carrying the refrigeration equipment sponsored by Yindu Co., Ltd,

The sunshade umbrella borrowed by Zhejiang Yongqiang,

Set up a stall in the territory of Maoye business and guangbai stock!

By the way, let Guangbo Co., Ltd. pack us into Netease!

Reward has become our motto!

After the stall, drink a cup of fragrant milk tea and press it!

Go directly to Huatian Hotel to sleep!

At this point, we can buy the gold of Dongfang Jinyu!

Live a well-off share life!

Go crazy in life!

The concept of local stall ignites both markets at the same time. In Hong Kong stock market, Wuling auto jumped 64%, new auto retail in China rose 28.5%, and draft beer in Hong Kong rose 25%.

Behind Wuling Autos boom, tmall and pinduoduo are selling online one after another. In addition, the Federation said that car companies should contribute to the local economy.

Tmall 618 announced the launch of the special session of setting up stall and driving car

Including Wuling Hongguang, Wuling Baojun and Dongfeng Xiaokang, the six special vehicles for stalls. According to tmall news, the official subsidy of car companies, through tmall reservation, to the store to buy a car can be at least 1000 yuan discount.

Pinduoduo announces the official launch of Wuling Rongguang sales car

The first batch of on-line sales cars totaled 100, pinduoduo will subsidize 3000 yuan for each car. As of 22:00, the activity page shows that the first 100 stalls and cars have been sold out. Pinduoduo said that on June 4, the platform urgently transferred 200 units to meet consumers strong demand for individual entrepreneurship.

Car enterprises should contribute to the local economy

Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Federation of passenger transport, said that stall setting has high requirements for passenger flow and low cost. In this regard, the car is a necessity. The whole vehicle enterprises should design some special models, which are suitable for the use scenarios of mobile vendors, and design some electric power and water supply devices to achieve the mobile stalls that meet the catering standards.

For the purpose of providing tires for dizhanshenche, Linglong tire rose nearly 5% at one time in the session, and the closing increase narrowed to 2.57%. Linglong tires are known by their official account, the mainstream tire supplier of this stall God car is Linglong tyre, and where to go! Exquisite tires help you to be more confident on the road to entrepreneurship!

While the market is booming, some listed companies announced to clarify the existing business situation and remind consumers of the risks.

On Thursday night, four Board companies, including Maoye commerce, Yindu stock and small commodity city, said that the income related to local stall economy did not have a significant impact on the annual profit, or clarified that local stall economy was not involved.

The day before that, Maoye commerce, Yindu stock, small commodity city, Baida group and Nanning Department Store issued stock price change announcements to remind investors of risks.

Small commodity city: the stock price has been rising continuously, and some medias recent reports about the companys concept of local economy are concerned. The companys judgment does not have a significant impact on the companys profit this year.

Maoye business: the addition of stalls and selling points is not expected to have a significant impact on revenue and net profit.

Xiangjiang Holding Co., Ltd.: the company is not involved in the business of local economy, and its main business has not changed.

Guangbai Co., Ltd.: the companys main business is the retail of high-end department stores, not involving the local economy.

Camel: the company supplies SAIC GM Wuling and JAC

Red flag chain: will make use of the front area of the store to make a local stall economy with red flag characteristics

Xian Catering: the companys catering unit has a time-honored theme Street View car

Digital Zhengtong: the company is willing to work closely with local urban management departments to increase the system software function for local economic service

Shenzhen Stock connect sold down Dima shares

Among them, according to the data of longhubang, Shenzhen Stock connect has delivered more than 22.2 million yuan in two trading days. Following the sale of 13.78 million yuan of Dima shares in Shenzhen Stock connect on Wednesday, 14.43 million yuan of seats in one institution and 8.45 million yuan of seats in Shenzhen Stock connect on Thursday.

According to the data of longhubang after hours, 22 shares of the institution appeared, among which, the small commodity city, which has soared for three consecutive trading days, sold more than 2.68 million yuan of institutional seats.

With regard to supporting small and micro enterprises in the field of Commerce and trade circulation, Gao Feng, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said that with regard to supporting small and micro enterprises in the field of Commerce and trade circulation, we will work with relevant departments to promote the development of small store economy as the main starting point, speed up the convenience, characteristics and digital development of small stores, promote the formation of a multi-level and multi category small store economic system, and promote the growth of small and micro enterprises in the field of Commerce and trade circulation We will increase employment, expand consumption and boost economic vitality.

Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai open source fund, said that due to the impact of the epidemic, the consumer service industry has been closed down. A large number of employment problems can be solved by allowing the spread of land and the opening of small shops. At the same time, many peoples income can be increased, which is conducive to invigorating the private economy.

For the next plate performance, Yang Delong is cautious. He said that the stall economy may have a certain sustainability, because it can indeed bring profit growth to related companies, such as department stores and retail enterprises, and some auto companies can launch models that can set up stalls. All of these may benefit from the local economy. However, the speculation of these sectors should be implemented on the performance. Only when it can bring real performance growth to the company, the stock price will have a better performance.