How can foreign trade be stable? How much is the bad pressure? This is what the Bank of three said

 How can foreign trade be stable? How much is the bad pressure? This is what the Bank of three said

However, the heads of all branches also pointed out that affected by the epidemic, the economic and financial situation at home and abroad is more complex and changeable, and the prevention of financial risks is facing new challenges.

This year, under the influence of the global epidemic, foreign trade enterprises are widely faced with such problems as difficulty in receiving orders and performing contracts. The spread of the epidemic abroad has reduced overseas demand and made business operation more difficult. Guangdong Boda Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Boda technology) is no exception.

Boda technology is the only national level international marketing service public platform set up by the Ministry of Commerce of China in Africa. It is mainly engaged in export trade of FMCG, ceramic tiles, household appliances, daily use, etc. at present, it has established branches in Tanzania, Kenya and other African countries.

It is reported that the business chain of Boda technology is long. Through its Hong Kong affiliated companies, Boda technology exports commodities to the local affiliated manufacturers / dealers in Africa, and then the local manufacturers / dealers sell them to the end dealers. As a result, the receivables collection cycle of Boda technology is long, and the buyers payment risk is also high.

Processing trade accounts for 1 / 3 of Guangdongs total foreign trade, and it is also the most directly impacted by the epidemic. Pei Guang, director of Guangdong banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, pointed out that under the influence of international trade situation and epidemic situation, Guangdongs import and export trade is facing unprecedented impact. In order to stabilize the processing trade, the Guangdong Provincial Government explored the establishment of the processing trade enterprise financing risk compensation fund pool, played the role of financial leverage leverage, and led to a larger scale of credit funds. At the end of April, the loan balance of processing trade enterprises within their jurisdiction increased by 32.9% year on year.

According to reports, at the same time, the Guangdong banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau promoted the introduction of a number of financial support policies to deliver financial living water to foreign trade enterprises in a timely manner. By the end of April, the loans of foreign trade enterprises (excluding Shenzhen) within their jurisdiction increased by 29% year-on-year, the trade financing volume increased by 76% year-on-year, and the number of export credit insurance underwriting enterprises increased by 22% year-on-year; the average interest rate of loans decreased by about 0.4 percentage points compared with the beginning of the year, and the short-term export credit insurance rate decreased by 3.34% year-on-year.

In the field of foreign trade, Zhejiang Province has made comprehensive use of foreign trade financing financial service tools, increased financial support for the supply chain of foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, small and micro foreign trade enterprises and cross-border e-commerce new formats, and guaranteed the global and coordinated development of the industrial supply chain in the field of foreign trade.

The reporter learned from Zhejiang banking and insurance regulatory bureau that according to the developed characteristics of e-commerce economy and trade circulation field, the local financial demand for the normal operation of key sales ends such as agglomeration market, e-commerce platform and trade logistics market, by increasing the support of supply chain distribution end and consumer market, the manufacturing industry chain will be reinvigorated and released.

For example, Hangzhou branch of Ping An Bank strives for the head office to send a special team to support Yiwu Small Commodity City to carry out supply chain finance. Targeting at market merchants, production-oriented small and micro enterprises, e-commerce merchants and foreign trade enterprises, it develops Yiwu special pocket financial customer service platform of the bank, issues credit loans for small and micro enterprises according to the transaction and credit information of small commodity city enterprises, and advances Yiwu Customers of export trade industry chain provide services such as exclusive offshore account and international trade online settlement, which can reduce the threshold for enterprises to open offshore account and help reduce exchange rate and rate expenditure. This platform has been put on trial in April, and nearly 40 enterprises have completed service docking.

Poor pressure, strict supervision

According to the work report of the government, the policy of extending the repayment of principal and interest of SME loans will be extended to the end of March next year, and the loan for inclusive small and micro enterprises should be extended as long as possible, and the loan for other difficult enterprises should be extended through negotiation.

Financial risks did accumulate under the impact of the epidemic. Pei Guang said that in the past year, Guangdong bancassurance Bureau has comprehensively used write off, transfer, recovery and other means to deal with more than 15 billion yuan of non-performing goods; it has set up 149 debt committees, which have weakened the risk by about 15.8 billion yuan and renewed loans by nearly 10 billion yuan. The non-performing loan rate of the banking industry within the jurisdiction is 1.18%, 0.02 percentage points higher than that at the beginning of the year, and the credit risk is generally controllable.

It should be noted that in order to keep the flow of SMEs funds, financial institutions have significantly increased loans to SMEs and enterprises temporarily in difficulties since this year, but this does not necessarily mean that the non-performing rate of banks will rise significantly.

Previously, Zhang Zhan, vice president of Beijing Branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, told reporters that the asset quality of the bank is closely related to the prudence of choosing customers before loan and the scientific methods of disposing non-performing assets. When dealing with non-performing loans, we should take medicine. Some enterprises may be able to survive if they have problems in capital flow for a while, and some enterprises may be able to survive if they extend their loans. Some enterprises have high capital cost and low profit margin, so they can reduce their capital cost and help them make some improvements.

Li Mingxiao said that next, the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau will strictly check and punish the misappropriation and arbitrage of credit funds to ensure that the credit funds flow to the real economic field; supervise the banking institutions to implement the five-level classification, fully make provision and loan loss provision, enhance the ability of risk handling and risk absorption; closely monitor credit risk and risk of key institutions, and effectively prevent and control major financial risks Risk, firmly hold the bottom line that no systemic risk will occur, and resolutely fight to prevent and resolve financial risks.

A spokesman for the China Banking Regulatory Commission said that it would resolutely control all kinds of whitewashing of statements, and urge banks to make real asset classification, real exposure and full provision. Dredge the policy blocking points such as non-performing asset write off, batch transfer and debt repayment asset disposal, guide banks to increase non-performing disposal in various ways, and effectively respond to the rebound of non-performing assets of banks.