Barcelona quote again: 70 million + 41 million marginal people = lautaro! Western media laughed

 Barcelona quote again: 70 million + 41 million marginal people = lautaro! Western media laughed

Barcelona valued philbo at 41 million euros, according to the world sports daily. Combined with 70 million euros in cash, the total transfer price will reach 111 million euros. Although Barcelona did not directly buy out the liquidated damages of u20ac 111 million, the total value reached this amount.

Is philbo valued at 41 million euros? The idea of Barcelonas top management is ironic. Ferbo joined Barcelona last year for 30 million euros, and he was on the clean-up list because of his mediocre performance. In the context of the new crown epidemic, ferbos price rose by 11 million euros? Its a big story.

Whats more, Barca cant even pay 70 million euros in cash. ESPN pointed out that Barca will not have any transfer budget this summer, only rely on cleaning players to get transfer funds, because the new crown epidemic has brought great negative impact on Barcas economy.

Marca pointed out that even if Barcelona had recently completed the cleaning, the income could not be used in the transfer market. In order to meet the requirements of UEFAs financial equity act, Barcelona need to clean up 70 million euros in June. The income beyond 70 million Euros can be used to attract aid.

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