Investigation of protein solid drink reported by Hunan Province: RMB 2 million fine for Dingge

 Investigation of protein solid drink reported by Hunan Province: RMB 2 million fine for Dingge

According to the notice, there is a false or misleading commercial publicity on its products, and the betamethasone is declared as milk powder for sale behavior in aiyingfang mother and baby shop. The parties acknowledge the fact that they mislead consumers through false publicity.

On May 14 and 15, the Party committee and the government of Chenzhou City and Yongxing County arranged the childrens Hospital of Chenzhou first peoples Hospital (the third grade a hospital) to carry out a comprehensive medical examination for 5 children, and to check, test and comprehensively evaluate the basic indicators such as head circumference, physical development, trace elements, blood routine test, etc. On May 19, 20 and 23, the Provincial Health Committee organized experts from the Department of Pediatrics, digestive department, neurology and hematology of the provincial childrens hospital to check and evaluate the physical condition of five children.

According to the collective assessment of the expert group, 5 children did not meet the commonly known big head doll symptoms and signs.

In the next stage, the provincial and municipal joint investigation team will urge Yongxing County to continue to strengthen humanistic care and nutrition guidance for the children involved, pay close attention to and deal with relevant consumer complaints in a timely manner, carry out scientific infant feeding publicity, improve consumers awareness of food safety and their ability to identify and identify fake products; carry out the 100 day action of the provinces food safety investigation and rectification, and highlight the frequent and popular problems The links and fields with high risk, wide range of influence and peoples attention shall be effectively standardized for the food production and operation order of the whole province. Hunan market supervision department always insists on putting peoples health and life safety in the first place, resolutely maintaining food and drug safety, and zero tolerance for illegal acts in the field of food and drug, and severely cracking down on them according to law.

Big head baby incident reveals the inside story of fake milk powder sales

In Yongxing County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, a fake special medical milk powder event of big head baby broke out, and the product sales process and insider were concerned.

In May 13th, the head of the Yongxing County Marketing Supervision Bureau responded to the Beijing News reporter that the current investigation team had contacted the related enterprise Hunan only Lok Health Industry Co., Ltd. The reporter of Beijing News learned from the involved company that the involved product betamethasone had been shut down last year.