Wang Sicongs panda mutual entertainment bankruptcies auction, with Fubao starting at 51 yuan

 Wang Sicongs panda mutual entertainment bankruptcies auction, with Fubao starting at 51 yuan

According to the auction announcement, due to the large variety and quantity of auction targets, in order to facilitate the buyers bidding and auction the targets at a more fair and reasonable price, the manager will sell multiple products together, and combine multiple products into Lucky Bags and name them respectively. The auction includes 23 items, such as hats, slippers, canvas bags, mobile phone cases, rechargeable batteries, etc.

For example, Fubao lazy time products include: pillow, mug, hat (black), slippers, mobile phone seat (baby tofu), the original price is 216 yuan, starting price is 100 yuan.

At present, more than a thousand people have watched the auction, but not many have signed up.

The starting price of this auction is shown in the following table; the deposit is 50 yuan; the price increase range is 10 yuan / time.

It is reported that Shanghai Panda mutual Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2015 with a registered capital of about 155 million yuan. The business scope of the company includes cultural and artistic exchange planning, event planning, etc. the ultimate beneficiary is Wang Sicong. According to qixinbao data, the largest shareholder of the company is Jun Entertainment (Huzhou) Cultural Development Center wholly owned by Wang Sicong, with a shareholding ratio of 40.07%; Beijing Qihu Technology Co., Ltd. under Zhou Hongyi is the second largest shareholder, with a shareholding ratio of 19.35%.

On December 26, 2019, price capital released a public announcement to disclose the settlement results of panda mutual entertainment investment disputes. According to the announcement, after dozens of rounds of negotiations in recent two months, all the investors have reached an agreement with panda mutual entertainment, and all the investors have been compensated. The huge investment losses of nearly 2 billion yuan of panda mutual entertainment are all borne by the investment and the actual controller.

Affected by panda live broadcast, Wang Sicong, chairman of price capital and director of Wanda Group, was listed as the executee by the court in November 2019, and a consumption restriction order was issued. In December, the second intermediate peoples Court of Beijing announced that the case of Wang Sicongs arbitration dispute has been settled in the second intermediate court of Beijing, which will settle the case. At the same time, according to surging news reports, the three consumption restrictions issued by the peoples Court of Jingan District of Shanghai on Wang Sicong have also been revoked.

According to the public information, Beijing price Investment Co., Ltd. was established in December 2009 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and its legal representative is Wang Sicong. According to the equity structure, the company is wholly owned by Wang Sicong.

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