Behind the magic of the concept of Baishi stall: the concept of the stall has almost become a panacea

 Behind the magic of the concept of Baishi stall: the concept of the stall has almost become a panacea

As a result, the company made a statement in the morning, and the stock price touched the limit in the afternoon

The 21st century economic reporter has followed up and learned that since Monday, the whole A-share market has once again fallen into the upsurge of local stall, and the fields involved are constantly fermenting. From the initial market shares to Wednesdays special cars, to Thursdays beer, crayfish and sunshade, the big things of the summer floor stand have been gathered.

What will this magic journey bring to the capital market? Different participants have different attitudes.

Imagination of concept diffusion

The logic of the concept of floor apportionment is that the A-share market has a lack of growth certainty targets, so as long as we can see the potential growth potential, we will be recognized by the secondary market, even if we can only see one or two quarters of growth. Chengdu, a brokerage investment adviser said.

The market interpretation of the concept of stall can be called magic.

At the beginning, the first to start is to market stocks, such as guangbai shares (002187. SZ), Maoye Tiandi, etc.

Among them, guangbai shares has the largest number of trading limit for five consecutive times, but the companys trading limit at the beginning was not firm, and only on Tuesday did the first one character board appear.

Since then, with the increasing attention of the topic of local stall economy, the recognition degree of the secondary market for the concept of local stall stock has been increasing.

On Wednesday, a hot article from Wuling special purpose vehicle, Wuling wing starts to sell trucks - regular army of local economy!! u300bIt has completely opened the link between the local economy and the capital market.

The whole process was dramatic.

The next day, the companys Hong Kong shares continued to soar, equivalent to a good copywriter for the companys two-day market value growth of nearly HK $1 billion.

Under the drive of Wuling Automobile, Dima shares with cooking car and catering car business started trading.

Since then, the topic of stall economy has been ignited on a large scale.

According to the 21st century economic news reporter, as a listed company, the interactive platform also ushered in the questioning of investors, and took the opportunity to rub off the hot spot, the demands of the enterprises behind it are quite intriguing.

For example, youa shares (002277. SZ) has lagged behind guangbai shares in recent growth. The company said on the interactive platform on Wednesday that the outer square or frontage channel of the store can be used to develop the night market economy under the standardized management of the government department.

For example, Zhejiang Yongqiang said on the same day, as for the floor stand management, we can consider choosing the companys straight umbrella / umbrella dropping, folding shed / sunshade and other series of products, including metal tables and chairs, which are suitable for outdoor places.

Its true that some people come to inquire about the sales volume of the companys products. They seldom talked about the companys friends before. A relevant person in charge of the company said.

Up to Thursday, almost all the around the stall appeared, making a noise in the capital market for a while.

According to the statistics of this newspaper, the shares of Langsha, Gaole, Yanjing (000729. SZ), which sell underwear, toys and beer, and even the aquatic products of Guolian, which manage crayfish, have all increased.

It is clear that different enterprises have different demands. Secretary Dong, a listed company in Beijing, said in an interview.

It doesnt matter if its a slow half shot. Just as Zhejiang Yongqiangs woshi shares said in the morning that sunshades, awnings and folding umbrellas can be used for business stall, in the afternoon, the stock price still touched the trading limit.

The logic is that, feedback to the secondary market, some companies can get a higher valuation under the current environment of promotion fees. The market is looking at their imagination space, not how good their performance is.

Is the ship halfway?

After the concept of land stall spreads to many subdivisions of industries and companies, the power of capital speculation will gradually weaken, and some stocks have shown a trace of fatigue.

Take the beer industry as an example. In May this year, Zhujiang Beer and Qingdao beer rose 23.12% and 19.98% respectively.

It is reported that the first batch of continuous trading concept shares have entered the stage of clarification, including 100 groups and Yindu shares that have been on the market for several days.

The companys Hangzhou collection market does not involve the concept of local economy, the group announced late Wednesday.

The company said frankly, Hangzhou collection market is a part of the companys traditional business. In 2019, the company achieved an operating revenue of 918 million yuan, of which the rental income of the outdoor market of Hangzhou collection market is about 3.1 million yuan, accounting for a small proportion.

The concept stocks of local stall are relatively scattered, lack of industry policy guidance, and mostly encourage nighttime consumption. At the same time, such concept theme type speculation is also difficult to obtain the recognition of institutional investors. Secretary Dong, a listed company in Beijing, said frankly.

One detail that is easy to ignore is that the number of sellers reports from wind research library is very small during the rise and spread of the concept shares of local stall this week.

The official account reports on the stalls are mostly for duplicate plates, market reviews, and some hot spots of the public number of the securities dealers.

Without the participation of public funds, how far can the concept shares of local shares only rely on the drive of private placement of hot money?

On the day of the deadline, some experts publicly stated that the stall economy may impact the development of commercial real estate, and suggested charging management.

(author: Dong Peng editor: Li Xinjiang)

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Wang Xiaowu_ NF