Huang Leis sons birthday, two daughters fight for hot search: Brotherhood? Its not that simple

 Huang Leis sons birthday, two daughters fight for hot search: Brotherhood? Its not that simple

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Huang Leis little daughter plays the piano (source: Netease sports)

Oh, my God, this girls acting is just Gods food

Two days later, on her sons third birthday, Sun Li baked many cakes for her brother, and many people praised her skills.

Two daughters strive for hot search, excellent people envy, but also people love. Because children will envy each other and compete with each other, even if they are close to Huang Leis sisters.

Parents cant help but like a child better, and cant help but a bowl of water is uneven. Because parents have a little preference, children always have to contend with each other.

Apart from the love that my brother separated from his parents after his birth, the careful thinking between the two sisters is enough for Huang Lei and Sun Li to ponder.

When my sister first came, I couldnt help worrying about whether my parents only loved my sister and didnt love her. I tried my best to make my parents love me a little more.

Mom and dad have given a lot of resources. They praise countless talents. Their younger sister is also unwilling to be praised. They are eager to be praised and praised by many stars like their elder sister. They win the same love and attention from their parents.

So, many efforts and hard work along the way, the younger sister cant be less, the piano practice is boring and tired, playing in the middle for a while, or to continue.

Who parents prefer is an unavoidable topic for families with many children. According to a study in the Journal of marriage and family, 75% of mothers admit to being closer to a particular child.

Duo Duo and Mei Mei, a clever and sensible, an ancient spirit, which Huang Lei prefers, has always been a question that netizens are keen to guess. Huang Lei never responded positively, because he knew how much prejudice hurt children.

The TV series everything is very good has been widely discussed. Parents are partial to their two sons, and they dont want to see their daughter Mingyu since childhood.

At the dinner table, my mother always thought Mingyu didnt exist when she brought food to my brother. Anything delicious was reserved for my two brothers. Mingyu could only make do with it, but she was responsible for all the housework, including the dirty clothes of my two brothers.

In order for her brother to go to school in the United States, her parents sold Mingyus room. She asked her mother for advice, but she was scolded: we need to ask for your advice when we sell our house?

Its not that you cant be humble, its just that every time you are asked, the child who isnt favored sees the truth.

Maybe you think its just a TV play. Where in real life are such eccentric parents? But because of parents partiality, there are few programs that put family conflicts on TV?

In the variety show teacher please answer, an 11-year-old boy walked onto the stage crying. In his family, brother and sister are double standards.

If my sister robbed my brothers toys, no matter how much he wanted to play or how many times he let them, he had to give them to my sister, or my father would hit him.

An 11-year-old, watching his mothers sister call the wind and call the rain at home, does not even have the right to protect a piece of paper. You tell him that family love is greater than heaven, let him love his sister, how can he do it?

Most of the time, its not the big one who doesnt want to let the small one, but the parents attitude that makes the old one feel that he has not been valued and equal love and respect. Just because he is so many years old, he has to be sensible in advance and no longer have the right to be a child.

For children, its more hurtful than parents who dont love themselves. Because Ive seen what love is, I feel more sad than I cant get it.

Children who are not preferred have no sense of security, sensitivity, inferiority, and even develop compatriots jealousy. These injuries are often accompanied by a lifetime.

Sibling jealousy is not formed in a day, because there is a deep emotional component. Children often hate their brothers and sisters while denying their negative emotions, which generally goes through three stages.

The first stage is subconscious jealousy, which is manifested in the behavior of fighting and robbing toys. In fact, it is the envy that the other side gets more love and attention from parents.

This stage of the phenomenon is relatively common, often will not produce any serious consequences, parents coordinate well, childrens jealousy will be defeated by kinship, develop deep brotherhood.

Just like Duo Duo Duo and Mei Mei, they still love each other and take care of each other even though they are jealous and fighting each other because of the imbalance of their parents love.

The second stage is conscious jealousy. If parents do not coordinate properly in the first stage, it will develop into conscious jealousy.

There is a widely concerned question on Zhihu: what will be the impact of the education mode of elder sister gives way to younger brother?

One of the answers is: as soon as my mother says this, next time I hit my brother, Ill be more serious.

Many people only see the girls affection, but they dont know how many times she has been unfairly treated by her parents. She didnt have no love for her brother, but was hurt by her parents preference again and again. She changed her love for her brother to conscious jealousy because she felt that without him, she could get love again.

The third stage is hate. The parents long-term and double partiality will make the children who are favored arrogant, and the children who are not favored indignant. Finally, it turns into a love hate dispute between brothers and sisters, so that compatriots turn against each other.

Just like Su Mingyu and Su Mingcheng, because of their consanguinity, the broken bones are still connected with tendons. They cant be good relatives or strangers, so they can only be enemies. They can be polite to strangers, but they cant squeeze out a smile in the face of brothers and sisters mixed with love and hate.

In the second child era, parents all want to add a companion to their children. When they grow up, they can support each other. However, there are still many parents who indulge their partiality and let the tragedy repeat over and over again.

The harmony and joy of the family stems from the restraint of parents. They are not judges, and they dont care about one another. They realize the differences between children, but they dont judge or compare. They are given enough love, respect and freedom. At the same time, they restrain their own preferences. They deliberately remind themselves to pay more attention to the other child if they like the other child better.