Heavy money purchase enrollment points suddenly degraded! The latest official response is coming

 Heavy money purchase enrollment points suddenly degraded! The latest official response is coming

The owners who disagree with the result have submitted materials to the Education Bureau in the name of collective or individual. At present, the reply of the Education Bureau may not be the final result.

The degree house overturned in one day

The specific reason is that, according to an owner of Tairan community, chegongmiao, Futian District, Shenzhen, he received the news that his childs degree application failed the preliminary examination in the early morning of May 29. The reason given on the website is the first type requires commercial housing for residential use, please show the relevant certificate of commercial housing for residential use. In the past 20 years, the real estate of Tairan community is a kind of real estate, which belongs to the policy of deep and high degree housing was overthrown one day. In the absence of any notice and announcement, senior middle school temporarily changed the enrollment policy of points, and Shenzhen Gaonan campus reduced 8 districts of Taian Xuan, Tai Kangxuan, Zhuyuan District, Fortune Plaza, Tairan apartment, Anhua District, HANGGANG building and nonferrous building from class I (80 points) to class III (70 points), resulting in lower points in these districts and affecting the rights and interests of tens of thousands of residents Eight community owners children were affected.

Worries about buying a degree house

There are some flaws in the conditions of several communities for safeguarding the rights this time, and more doubts are caused by the use attribute of the house. The house is clearly a 70 year property right house with limited purchase and loan, because the purpose of the house is to write a bachelors apartment, there is no degree? The purpose of the real estate certificate is apartment, and the apartment does not fully represent the business apartment that belongs to R3 entry point level. According to the owners concerned, the education department should not only classify the entrance points by the purpose of the house, but also see whether it is a real residence, and the residential property should not be determined by the area. Some lawyers believe that only the Department of land and resources is the only legal ruling party to determine the nature of the house and land. A document issued by the school or the Education Bureau cannot arbitrarily change the nature of the house and other aspects.

Im considering buying v-house of Baoneng mansion nearby. The external publicity is that its educational resources are Zhuyuan primary school and junior high school of Shenzhen senior middle school. What Im looking for is a senior degree, but this new apartment is a 40 year property right apartment. Will it? When a friend asks in wechat group, he doesnt dare to finish talking. Its self-evident that he is worried. Some people replied, dont think about apartment buildings or school district degrees. Shenzhen clearly stipulates that commercial and residential buildings dont have school district degrees. Children have to find another way to go to school.

Degree is always a headache for parents.

In recent years, Shenzhen is also vigorously developing and introducing resources from other famous universities, supporting the establishment of various affiliated schools, such as Shenzhen Affiliated School of Sun Yat sen University, secondary school affiliated to South China University of science and technology, etc., but still can not meet the large number of new enrollment needs every year. Shenzhen is increasing the degree supply of famous universities through the group running mode of famous universities, which brings some non famous universities into the group of famous universities for unified management.

Some time ago, Shenzhen Futian Shuiwei primary school just officially became Liyuan foreign language Shuiwei branch school, and surrounding buildings rose in response. There is no room to sell around. After the listing of Liyuan foreign language branch school in Shuiwei primary school, the unit price of the surrounding real estate has directly increased by 12000 yuan. The previous owners of the property have also stopped selling and continue to be bullish. Recently, when the reporter visited the real estate near Huanggang village in Shenzhen, a salesman of Q real estate said that two months ago, there was a rumor that the house price here would soon rise. After listing, the landlords quotation began to soar within two hours: before the name change of Shuiwei primary school, the house price has been rising. Last years house price of 60000 is very easy to find, and now there are not many houses of 70000. Last week, I had a client who waited until more than one oclock in the middle of the night, but the owner still didnt show up to sign the contract. Let alone when there is an appointment with the owner, the price will start from the ground, and the price will be adjusted many times. The owners mentality will soar all the way, and there is basically no house available for sale now. But there is no problem in renting houses. Not only in this neighborhood, but also in the whole housing rental market of Shenzhen in the past two months, there are more vacant houses and fewer tenants. Before the epidemic, the nearby area was close to the port, with convenient transportation and relatively low rent compared with other areas. The vacant houses would be basically released for two or three days and then digested. Now, there are more and more vacant houses, and the tenants are slowly choosing. Once the price is basically reduced, the landlord will agree.

The concept of one school with multiple sites and sub campuses is not put forward for the first time. The original intention is to guarantee the quality of school teaching, but now it is used as a means to improve the price of housing. It can be seen that the school district has always been an important factor in the promotion of housing prices. For a long time, school districts and housing prices are closely tied together, because high-quality education resources are hard to balance in urban spatial distribution. It is said that you should have at least the same share in housing purchase, transportation, commerce, developers and education, otherwise you cant even achieve the average increase. However, transportation, commerce and developers have long been finalized. Only education can look forward to it. This is the strange scene that every June, when the junior high school and the senior high school entrance examination are published, the intermediary is more worried than the parents. Source: Securities Times u00b7 e company editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368