See pig killing plate again! Flash collapse 26percent teachers wechat group openly cut leeks

 See pig killing plate again! Flash collapse 26percent teachers wechat group openly cut leeks

The company said no back to the pot

After going through the flash crash of almost sky floor on June 3, Shengyang technology directly fell to the floor on June 4, and the stock price was placed at 18.78 yuan. The daily turnover was only 30.43 million yuan, only 18% of the 1.678 billion yuan on June 3. In two days, it dropped by 26% at most, and Shengyang technologys share price also returned to the starting position of the roller coaster market on May 15.

From May 18 to May 25, Shengyang technology rose for six consecutive trading days, with an increase of 35.9%. Then it experienced a flash crash on May 26 and May 27, and after a small rebound of three days, it ushered in the flash crash for two consecutive days.

In response to the abnormal fluctuation of the companys share price, Shengyang technology announced in the evening of June 4 that the companys current production and operation activities are normal without significant changes. At the same time, the company also does not have the problem of credit, and there are no significant events that may have a greater impact on the companys stock price, such as the planning of merger and acquisition, share issuance, debt restructuring, business restructuring, asset divestiture and asset injection. In addition, the purchase and sale of the companys shares by the companys directors, supervisors, senior managers, controlling shareholders and their concerted actors.

In other words, Shengyang technology expresses everything is normal from the company level. According to the first quarter report, as of the end of March 31, Shengyang technology had 11253 shareholders, that is to say, more than 10000 shareholders experienced a roller coaster under the condition of everything is normal.

For this wave of violent shock, Shengyang technology said I dont want to carry this pot and reminded investors to pay attention to risks. Shengyang technology said that recently, the company received a number of investors reports that there was a situation in which the team represented by Chen Feng recommended buying our companys shares to shareholders through social software before and after trading on June 3, 2020. The company has also been concerned about the media coverage of the incident on the Internet. Through the self inspection of the company, controlling shareholders, actual controllers, directors, supervisors and senior managers, none of them has planned or participated in the event, nor has they inspired others to plan or participate in the event, which has no relationship with the event. Up to now, the companys production has always been normal, and investors are requested to follow the relevant announcements published by the company on the website of Shanghai Stock Exchange and the designated information disclosure media.

The phantom of Wenzhou Gang

The event of team recommendation represented by Chen Feng by Shengyang technology is also a recent organized leek cutting behavior through wechat group, live group and other channels.

According to the market information, after the opening on June 3, the trading volume of Shengyang technology suddenly increased, and its share price failed to rise and fall twice. After that, its share price maintained a period of sideways consolidation. At the end of the afternoon, Shengyang technology suddenly collapsed and fell to a halt. As of the closing of the day, it was at 20.97 yuan / share. After hours data shows that Shengyang technologys turnover rate is as high as 30.67% and the amplitude is as high as 18%.

After the closing of Shengyang technology, micro blog big V exposed that there were stocks and wechat groups fooling retail investors to accept the offer. According to media reports, some shareholders have revealed that recently there have been some investment experts in wechat group, sharing stock operation experience in the group every day. After a period of time, group leaders encouraged group members to buy Shengyang technology, and then the stock plummeted. After the operation, the stock fell and stopped, and then was kicked out of wechat group by the group leader and blackmailed.

From the reflection of stock bar investors, in the process of cutting leek of Shengyang technology, there are many master level teachers, including many people with internet names of success, Chen Feng, Lao Wu, etc.

Whats even more astonishing is that there are stock bar users, charging groups and free groups. The free groups are all receiving and the charging groups are all shipping.

Some investors explained that: they have several batches, the first batch is members, the second batch is small casual dishes, watch live broadcast and group, lose more.

From the data of longhubang, on June 3 and 4 of Shengyang technology, the sales volume of longhubang was significantly larger than the purchase volume. And in the sales list, Zhejiang business department is the majority. In addition to Wenzhou business department, there are also business departments commonly used by Wenzhou gang.

According to the data of longhubang on June 3, the five sales business departments are Huafu securities Jiangsu Branch, Zhongtai securities Cixi Tianjiu Street securities business department, Xinda securities Wenzhou Xincheng Avenue Securities Business Department, Xinda securities Taizhou Yulan Road Securities Business Department, Anxin securities Zhuji Zhuluo East Road Securities Business Department, with sales volume of 74.35 million yuan, 58.66 million yuan, 54.98 million yuan, 45.99 million yuan and 4 respectively 4.83 million yuan, and the above-mentioned business department may 1 purchase. In the buying list, except for one institutional seat buying more than 30 million, the buying amount of the other four business departments is not much, and none of them are sold. On that day, the net sales of longhubang reached 197 million yuan.

Obviously, four sales departments in the sales list are located in Zhejiang Province. Although Jiangsu Branch of Huafu securities, which sells one seat, is not located in Zhejiang Province, it is found through online query that the seat of the sales department has appeared in the analysis of relevant articles of Wenzhou Gang for many times and is considered as one of its main seats.

Set to connect frequent A shares

Recently, the reporter of E company found that similar Shengyang technology set to connect events frequently occur in A-share companies, and the means are very similar.

E companys reporter once exposed the routine takeover event in Yangquan coal industry on May 28. At that time, he was also an organization member with the division of labor of the group. He called on many investors in wechat group, live broadcast and other channels, and began to issue group news and live broadcast in the morning of May 28, calling on some investors to buy Yangquan media at a high price through pre warming One minute turnover of media is close to 70 million yuan.

In Shengyang technology stock bar, some investors pointed out this kind of deception directly, its a new type of deception. First, I bought some profitable ones for you in wechat group, and then I got your trust a little bit. Finally, I asked you to re position, give you the last set, let you accept the offer, and finally the group disbanded. They are professional liars!

According to the observation of E companys reporters, such scams usually have the following characteristics:

1u3001 First, the public platform leads into the closed social space. Usually, QQ or wechat groups are introduced into the public space such as post bar, forum and live broadcast, or investors are led into the group by pretending to be securities companies or other professional institutions.

2u3001 There is usually a period of trust cultivation. During this period, it is mainly based on the explanation of stock knowledge courses, stock discussion, analysis of unwinding and other patient explanations, supplemented by some sweets, that is, to give certain stocks with profit-making effect and enhance trust.

3u3001 When the time is right, its good to put out a lot of weight. Usually, after experiencing the occasional sweetness in the early stage, when the good news comes out, that is, when the scythe is really started to swing, the general language at this time is very agitative, resulting in the psychology of buying by grabbing and entering the whole warehouse and earning by grabbing. Some groups also require investors to send buying screenshots.

4u3001 The above deception also has great concealment and anti reconnaissance. Generally speaking, the teacher is a male with a successful image, accompanied by a number of beautiful assistants, but all the communication contact information of these teachers and assistants are not real names.