Why do fashion brands love crossover?

 Why do fashion brands love crossover?

Fashion crossover Cafe / Restaurant




Gucci osteriada Massimo Bottura, Florence, Italy

Gucci Osteria restaurant in Gucci garden, Florence, Italy, won the Michelin star in 2020. Guccis CEOMarcoBizzarri and his co grown friend, Michelin 3-star restaurant chef MassimoBottura, were trying to combine fashion with delicacy to promote the establishment of this restaurant.

Gucci osteriada Massimo Bottura, Florence, Italy

The menu of the restaurant includes many improved dishes. There are a variety of dishes, including Peruvian tacos and Asian steamed buns, which are inseparable from chef Botturas experience of traveling around the world.

Gucci osteriada Massimo Bottura, Florence, Italy





Jacquemus caf u00e9 citron, Paris, France, 2019

The citron cafe, located on the Champs Elysees in Paris, was founded by Simon Porte jacquemus, the founder of jacquemus, in collaboration with CEO Ramon MAC Crohon, the famous restaurant caviarkaspia.

Jacquemus caf u00e9 citron, Paris, France, 2019

This Mediterranean style restaurant uses a large number of floor to floor glass windows in the decoration. There are lemon trees and a lot of huge, suntanned pots in the interior. Combined with jacquemuss classic handbag shaped pottery, it presents a kind of unmodified and sunny look.

Jacquemus oursin, Paris, France, 2019

After citron, another restaurant opened by jacquemus, oursin, is located on the upper floor of Galeries Lafayette mall on Champs Elysees Avenue. The white walls of the restaurant are decorated with a series of irregular niches, in which colorful ceramic vases are displayed. In the center of the restaurant stands a tree, which looks like a protective umbrella in the pure white environment, providing a shade, which is very special.

Jacquemus oursin, Paris, France, 2019



Bottegadiner, Miami, 2019

The brand has transformed Miami Beachs iconic 11th Street Art restaurant into a fully gold wrapped one, which is open 24 hours a day. The restaurant offers classic American dishes and a limited number of exclusive Bottega Veneta products, such as straw, napkin, coffee cup, toothpick flag and golden matchbox.

Bottegadiner brings together American pop culture and golden Italian luxury, said Daniel Lee, creative director of Bottega Veneta

Bottegadiner, Miami, 2019

Fashion crossover interior design / product design


A kind of




Louis Vuitton objetsnomades, Milan, 2019

Louis Vuitton objetsnomades, Los Angeles, USA, 2020

Fernando & humbertocampana cocoon, maracatuandbombocasoa for Louis Vuitton objetsnomades, 2019

Fernando & humbertocampana bulbo for Louis Vuitton objetsnomades, 2019

Since the establishment of the objetsnomades series in 2012, many famous designers have been invited by Louis Vuitton to reinterpret the concept of travel together with senior creative craftsmen of the brand.

The 45 pieces that make up the objetsnomades series pay homage to Louis Vuittons classic design, such as the iconic bed trunk bed trunk made for French explorer Pierre savorgnand ebrazza in 1874.

Marcel wanders lounge chair, diamond screen and lunechair for Louis Vuitton objetsnomades, 2019

Rawedges concertinatable for Louis Vuitton objetsnomades, 2019

Ateliero hammock for Louis Vuitton objectsnomades, 2019

Mirrors, tables, chairs, benches, lamps, sofas... This series covers a wide range of furniture, each of which has been repeatedly considered by the designer. They combine unprecedented creativity, high-quality materials and practical proportions of sophisticated computing.



Christian diorboutique, 30avenue Montaigne, France, 18th century

Diors home furnishing series Dior Maison has as long a history as its fashion. When Mr. Dior built his own fashion house at 30 Avenue Montaigne, he also set up a boutique on the first floor, which provides accessories for home decoration - colifichets.

Christian diorboutique, 30avenue Montaigne, France, 18th century

Two can sets of the essential Napoleon iii-stylegilt chairs from Christian diorboutique, 30 Avenue Montaigne, France, 18th century

Mr. Diors historic fashion debut was also held at 30 Montaigne Avenue. At that time, the guests all sat on the gilded cane chair which symbolized Napoleon IIIs style, which was the inspiration of Diors classic cane motif element.






Loewe x liberty London this is home pop up, London, 2017

On the occasion of London Fashion Week 2017, Jonathan Anderson, creative director of Loewe, teamed up with a number of craftsmen including mouseman (Robert Thompson) to create a series of home accessories, which were brought to liberty, an old London store for exhibition.

Loewe u00d7 mouseman (Robert Thompson) for liberty London this is home pop up, London, 2017

This series includes lampshades, blankets, hand-made ceramic ware and knitted figures of wool, etc. These household products are designed to blur the line between accessories and practical products.

Loewe x liberty London this is home pop up, London, 2017

Anderson once said, Im addicted to making things other than fashion. The fashion of the 1980s was extreme, and everyone only dressed up when they went out. But over the past 20 years, we have developed the habit of bringing friends to our own homes, because you can get to know them better. Now, people spend more on their homes than they do on their own

Loewe salonedel mobile, Milan, 2018

Loewe has since teamed up with more than 100 Studios on four continents, including weavers, Dyers and embroiderers. These studios retain ancient craft skills, such as Boro sewing in Japan and ribbon embroidery in India. There are also innovative technology attempts, including pin decals, Spanish cut intaglio and black and white feather printing.






Vivienne Westwood u00d7 the rugcompany, 2005

Punk godmother Vivienne Westwood is good at mixing and innovating traditional British fabrics, which make her design more eccentric. In 2005, the rugcompany, known for its hand woven carpets, teamed up with Vivienne Westwood to create a series of carpets and cushions 20 years after the company was founded.

Vivienne Westwood x the rugcompany (Magnolia ice Wood & silk), 2005

Vivienne Westwood x the rugcompany (thistlepewter), 2005

Vivienne Westwood u00d7 the rugcompany (logocushion), 2005

This series of carpets is mainly in the style of Magnolia ice (ice silk Magnolia), whose Magnolia pattern comes from Vivienne Westwoods long line fashion series - exploration. The philosophy of quality is more important than quantity runs through my lifestyle, and this collaboration with the rugcompany perfectly illustrates that, she said at the time

Vivienne Westwood x Patricia urquiolafor Molteni & C (glovechair), 2009

Vivienne Westwood u00d7 Ferruccio laviani for Molteni & C (freestylesofa), 2009

Vivienne Westwood worked with Italian interior design family company Molteni & C to transform a series of furniture during the retrospective exhibition in Palazzo reale in Milan.

At that time, she used the method of street art collage to combine the printing of her rubbish series into the two designs of glove chair and free sofa of the designers Patricia Urquiola and ferrucciolaviani.

Vivienne Westwood u00d7 Chivas chivas18s Vivienne Westwood edition, 2011


Squireandpartners & antoniociteropatricia viel & partners the Bvlgari Hotel & Residence, Knightsbridge, London, 2012

The Bvlgari Hotel, the first new luxury hotel in London in 40 years, officially opened in 2012. The hotels low-key and elegant design pays tribute to the brand Bvlgari, whose core is the spirit of silversmith.

The hotels design team, squireand partners, is from London. They work together with Antonio nutrio Patricia viel & partners to accurately reflect the nobility of traditional British manufacturing in this project. Its design presents the luxury sensory experience for consumers while protecting the environment.

The Bvlgari Hotel & Residence cinema, Knightsbridge, London, 2012

The Bvlgari Hotel & Residence dinning hall, Knightsbridge, London, 2012

The Bvlgari Hotel & Residence the ballroom, Knightsbridge, London, 2012

The Bvlgari Hotel & Residence suite, Knightsbridge, London, 2012

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