The 9 joined the female star in the fifth day

 The 9 joined the female star in the fifth day

It wasnt long before the 9 group was formed, and the little girls quickly joined in the dressing battle. Yu Shuxin, the street photographer in particular, put a lot of Po in stock.

Of course, her daily ootd is also indispensable.

Yu Shuxin

Knit Top: fourforty2020

RMB 129


T-shirt: Burberry

Tight cycling shorts: calzedonia price: 199 RMB

On childrens day, several other people put up a pair of ponytails to sell cute online.


Xie keyin and Liu Yuxin, who only interacted with their teammates in the comment area, took pictures of the airport street a few days ago. One was a frank Street girl, and the other was a tyrant with all the gas fields open.

Bvlgariserpentifoever Series Mini Bucket Bag

Price: RMB 20800

Liu Yuxin

Valextramiranopassepartout cube

Price: RMB 60990

Sweetheart style: Playful top

Package: bottegaveneta

Zhao Ruth

It is not hard to see that the beautiful color of the upper garment is more suitable in summer. My sister recently paired her mint green slim fit T-shirt with white linen Harlem pants to look clean and fresh.

Song Zuer

T-shirt: Mo & Co. capsule T-shirt

Pants: Mo & Co. capsule jogging pants

Necklace: Pearls Necklace

Another set of look uses rose red T-shirt to create the feeling of jumping out of the street in summer.

Qin girl in Konjac purple short sleeve knitted cardigan, soft and waxy

Li Qin

It can be seen that cartoon T-shirts are very popular with mums. Angelababy put on the body with the body print of the hare, and carefully matched with the Pearl stack necklace of the crescent, which is a young girl. Otherwise, she will embellish the white T-shirt with the color knitted letter vest, with full marks of cute strength.


T-shirt: 13demarzo

T-shirt: Mo & Co

Plmm people have no resistance to it, and regard it as the rigid demand in summer wardrobe. Shen Mengchen recently wore two Snoopy cartoon printed T-shirts in a row, playing with Bermuda shorts and Japanese sweet cool street style!

Shen Mengchen

Zhao Yaoke, Zhou Yutong and Ouyang Nana are cartoon T-shirts with several hands. They wear them all the time.

162 yuan after 30% discount

RMB 299 after 50% discount of mukzin

152 yuan after 30% discount

Elegant style: dress and perspective shirt

What kind of clothes do you wear in summer, comfortable, beautiful, fresh and fashionable? A dress is the real choice. From last years fire to this years green dress, this season is still the love of fashionable icon. Song Xi, who recorded camp 2020, put on the green Daisy dress with stockings and black boots, which is fresh and sassy online.

Song Qian

If you want to double the elegance, the green small Plaid Dress of V-neck style that Yang Caiyu wore a while ago is very good, which belongs to the intellectual and graceful style.

Yang Caiyu

Perspective shirt is also the choice of elegant girls. Yang Caiyus ribbon shirt was popular a while ago, and then used the micro transparent yarn to show her charming and charming side.

Yang Caiyu

Bandages enrich the possibilities of white shirts. The decorations like Nazas bowknot are the model of the court style. If you let the streamer spread, you can easily create a lazy French accent in front of your chest.

Of course, if you want to wear it sweeter, with the decorations of lotus leaf edge, bubble sleeve and broken flower, the temperament will be clear and sweet.

Yang Caiyu, Zhou Jieqiong

Zhou Yutong


20.9% off Fano Studios

Liu Wen

Top / Jeans: levis

Hat / shoe: Puma

Package: Prada

The other set is more handsome. The short sleeve shirt is stacked with a white T-shirt and Bermuda shorts. The full screen is the tone of tomboy.

Looking at Liu Wens dressing, it is not difficult to summarize the Chinese supermodels dressing principle in summer: necessary comfort.

Li Shuping

Clothing is still a simple version, the overall color is a relatively fresh and light tone, plus some small design embellishment is enough.

Zhao Jiali

Li Shuping

Unlimited rimless128 RMB

RMB 1715 after 70% discount

South Korea star team

Idol in South Korea is just like the little princess. Recently returned to China, twice has worn the dresses of the princesses this summer. Lace, broken flowers, bubble sleeves... With a sea of flowers, the whole atmosphere is super dream.

Lotus leaf edge and lace have always been the elements with a strong sense of immortality. It can give people a kind of gentle surprise when applied to clothing. The ruffle edge can modify the line of the shoulder at the shoulder, naturally forming the wave radian, and creating the flexible and beautiful breath.

Lace skirt has strong plasticity, can be elegant and noble, can be sexy and provocative, can be sweet and fresh.

Due to the special properties of the material, the skin has a vague feeling, which increases the mysterious index invisibly.



Korean supermodel team

Cui Sula, the new generation of Yamu who won by Jane, is the bearer. Compared with other girls who like to pack themselves with gorgeous colors, Cui Sula has a new way, which is just like the death powder of the dark system. Her dress can be described as asexual and minimalist style which is cool to the bone.

Dark black clothes make her embellishment space bigger, bold use of accessories overlay, such as black hat, and then from the neck to the waist, every detail can be seen to explode.

Irene Kims style is quite changeable. She can be a funny summer girl.

You can also go plain and elegant.

Japan star group + model group

In addition to her enviable figure, she can always put on a lot of plain items. Salt and sweet, as clear as noonday, are arranged for all kinds of styles.

In recent years, Kiko, the most popular stripe and grid element, has also picked!

When Kiko matches clothes, the color system and saturation change greatly, so it has a strong visual impact on people. No wonder Kikos matching magic can highlight the ghost horse character of basic items.

RMB 4479 after 20% discount for Ganni

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