Make a Buddhas fortune, Bodhi and Lianhua

 Make a Buddhas fortune, Bodhi and Lianhua

I think we must have met before. Its just that I dont remember whether its in Shili Taohua nunnery or in front of the Buddhist temple. However, every line you write down is as familiar to me as the regular script I copied with you in my previous life.

The fireworks are common, and the spring wind blows several times. When the plum is ripe, do you remember the old man laughing? The prosperity of the right hand, but an Old Testament. That life, who ever said, the love of the previous life is just a yearning?

The years are lonely and the samsara is heavy. In my previous life, when I passed through the river, I forgot the crying when I left you. In this life, in order to repay the promise owed to you, I begged for 500 years in front of the Buddha, and asked the Buddha to allow me to continue a relationship with you in this life.

Those pains, at the moment of turning around, have been buried by a lotus in front of the Buddha in my previous life. This life, I wait for you at the ferry in spring, I wonder if you will follow the familiar breath of the past life to find me. In the dim eyes of tears, look for your direction, the way ahead, the way to go, misty and boundless. Honey, where are you? That life, that year, that months wipe shoulder, is really, the feeling must have. This life, no matter what, I will find you.

Between my lines, there is all the tenderness and love. I know we will meet in this life. Either through smoke or through sand. So, all the time. Sit in front of the Buddha every day and pray for you. If I can meet you in this life, I will put down the worldly world and return to the mountains and forests with you.

Im not stopping, day and night, just to find you as soon as possible. Your earnest call, even across the eight thousand miles of clouds and the moon, is similar to the ear. Honey, please wait for me. Our reunion, not between the flowers, is under the forest. This life, we will not miss.

One Bodhi for one life, this life, I only come for you. Do you come only for me?

One flower, one leaf and one glaze. In this life, Im only here for you to repay the Buddhism that I owe you in my previous life.

Pick a years warmth, to you, write down all the love and love in the fleeting years. This life, I would like to use their own way, to keep this poetic reunion. I wish I could dance for you. Its my greatest happiness to meet you again in this life. Every time I think of it, tears will fill my eyes. We firmly believe that we must be relatives in our previous lives. We will meet each other in our previous lives and see each other in this life. May I love you all my life!

Jianjia, on the other side, across a window of blue and white. You come, Im here, just fine. We dont say its too late, we dont complain any more. You have given birth to me, and Ive grown old. As long as you are here, everything is happy.

The sea, the mulberry field, accompanies you to be joyful to do the naive. I am, you are, how nice. Loving you for the rest of my life is my most beautiful practice. Keep liulixuan, I will not leave, no longer bear you. As long as you are my happiness.

You come, such as spring wind, warm the heart, warm all the time. For the rest of my life, Ill write slowly. You can read slowly until there are traces of snow all over the blue silk. I hope you will still be the favorite glass woman in your eyes.

Ill give you back a section of Buddhism, Bodhi Lianhua. This life is endless, love is endless, thank you for letting me come back to you. In the light time, you dont need to be fresh and angry. You dont need to show your branches. As long as you have feelings, love, and you, your heart is like a lotus flower.

The wind rises and the flowers fall, and the fragrance floats. You are in the line of ink, and you are in the blank of the painting. Put a table of peach blossom feast and write a frame of peach blossom paper. Outside the rhyme, the bridge is flowing, and the rain is continuous. You are liulixuan, the most beautiful peach garden. No need to make a promise. I am in the cloud, in the dream, in the mountains, by the river, with you smiling overlooking the world. Deep in the misty rain, the lane, the umbrella and the man have not left, but have been reincarnated for a hundred years. And you are always the most beautiful water cloud in my eyes.

Even if the rest of life is long, it is fearless of wind and rain. We, in the quietest liulixuan, have the most common fireworks, write the most affectionate peach blossom paper, and have a simple heart. Let you shine like a lotus flower. Maybe I am as clear as glass. Since then, regardless of the vicissitudes of the world geometry, regardless of the reincarnation several turns.


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