The account was blocked less than 68 hours after people on the US Open copied Trumps original words

 The account was blocked less than 68 hours after people on the US Open copied Trumps original words

As a result, the American netizen, who did not disclose his real identity and only said that he was a U.

The netizen later told Mashable that the post that led to his closure was a post that trump posted on May 29 threatening to shoot the vandalism and burning elements in the March, especially the sentence trump wrote at that time, when the robbery begins, the gun rings..

But the American netizen who copied his content couldnt post, transfer, pay attention to and praise others after the account was blocked - unless he deleted the post, the account could be unsealed 12 hours later.

(the picture shows that the American netizen revealed on his other account that Twitter asked him to delete the post when the robbery starts, its when the gunshot rings, and then the account will resume 12 hours later.)

As like as two peas, Trump and the ordinary netizens have received different treatment in a similar paste, but also caused many observers to make complaints about the experiment. Before that, many netizens were dissatisfied with the different law enforcement standards adopted by twitter in the face of celebrity politicians and ordinary netizens.

However, Twitter has also given an explanation, saying that this is to safeguard the public interest, that is, they will let the content released by the account of certified government officials be seen by people, even if it violates the rules of twitter, so that people can better examine and discuss the words and deeds of these officials.

For the explanation of twitter, the banned netizen said he was not opposed to it, but hoped that Twitter could further mark the comments of illegal politicians and even state leaders.

At present, the netizen has deleted the post that was asked to be deleted by the twitter station, and his account has been restored. He immediately copied Trumps follow-up posts to continue to test which text he copied from Trump would cause him to be banned again, and whether twitter would also mark Trumps violations.

He also told Mashable that his experiment will not only be aimed at trump, but also other American politicians and government officials of other countries. He also hoped that Twitter would not shut down his account permanently because of such a social experiment.

(screenshot from Mashable)

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