Missing persons is on air

 Missing persons is on air

Also seems to have been desperate to find something, all kinds of behavior is extremely decisive, unimaginable.

Large span characters, multiple types of interpretation works break out and keep the original intention

According to the posters exposed in the film, Chen Xiaoweis clothes are frugal and cool, which is refreshing. It is reported that in order to restore the mysterious and dangerous nature of the drama, the actors need to go through many places, mountains and mountains, high altitude, high drop and extreme cold, and their efforts can be seen. Multi line flashback narration and extreme human nature also test the eyes and heart of actors.

Now the fire rescue drama blue flame assault starring Chen Xiaowei and Ren Jialun is waiting to be broadcast. The fire dispatcher she plays is in a blue flame uniform, just and awe inspiring. At present, she is in the process of shooting the ancient costume drama Madame Huzhu. Her partners, Yang Mi, Chen Weiting and Xu Kaicheng, have previously exposed the elegant and dignified image of the imperial concubine, and the information disclosure between the eyes and eyebrows and the two corners of the decoration has made people eager to meet their needs. This year, Chen Xiaozhens film and television works broke out again, and her role types also span a great deal. All kinds of attempts can reflect her original intention - not only the artists who develop in many ways, but also the actors who precipitate and perform. This time, lets look forward to Chens interpretation and unveil the secret of missing persons with her.