Ziguang stock reform: Tsinghua will not be reduced, Chongqing will be increased!

 Ziguang stock reform: Tsinghua will not be reduced, Chongqing will be increased!

On June 3, according to the announcement issued by Ziguang group, Tsinghua holdings, Jiankun investment, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Industrial Development Group (hereinafter referred to as Liangjiang industrial group) and Ziguang Group signed a cooperation framework agreement: Tsinghua holdings will introduce a new strategic investor - Liangjiang industrial group to Ziguang, so as to further implement the relevant spirit of the government and the Ministry of education on school enterprise reform, Promote the high integration of industry, University and research, build a world-class high-tech industrial group; maintain the market-oriented mechanism, further stimulate the vitality and international competitiveness of Ziguang group, enhance the capital strength of Ziguang group, promote the strategic industrial layout of Ziguang group, comprehensively strengthen and improve the modern management level of Ziguang group, and achieve stable, healthy and sustainable development.

Ziguang group, the largest school enterprise in China, has ushered in new changes. What kind of changes will this bring to Ziguang group?

Change 1: enrich the capital strength of Ziguang

The introduction of Liangjiang industrial group into Ziguang group as a new strategic investor will bring real gold and silver, greatly improve the capital of Ziguang group, reduce the asset liability ratio, optimize the capital structure and enhance the overall capital strength of Ziguang group.

This is another strategic capital increase of Ziguang group since its share reform in March 2010 and the introduction of Jiankun investment. Although Ziguang group has developed rapidly in the past decade, with total assets increasing from 1.3 billion in 2009 to more than 290 billion in 2019, its registered capital of 670 million yuan has not changed since 2012. It should be said that this is not consistent with todays Ziguang group, which has the leading position in the industry.

After all, Tsinghua University is an educational institution with world-class scientific research and innovation ability and educational strength, but limited support in capital ability. Ziguang group is facing the huge challenges of capital intensive, technology intensive and talent intensive integrated circuit industry. The joining of Liangjiang industrial group will undoubtedly make Ziguang group, which is backed by Tsinghua University, even more powerful.

In addition to capital injection, Liangjiang industrial group, as a powerful state-owned industrial group, has rich industrial experience, strong capital strength and financing ability, which will become a strong backing for future development of Ziguang.

Change II. The state-owned holding is increased, and Chongqing holds Ziguang to enhance its competitive advantage

Chongqing and Liangjiang industrial group chose to hold Ziguang group, which greatly increased the state-owned capital strength of Ziguang group, with a shareholding ratio of more than 60%, indicating that local governments and state-owned assets are optimistic about the development prospects of Ziguang group and are willing to provide more resources support.

The increase of state-owned assets and the integration of industry, education and research conform to the current national policies and strategies.

This also gives the reform direction to the school enterprises including Tsinghua holdings. Tsinghua holdings introduced Liangjiang industrial group at this time is also in line with such a strategic plan.

But strengthening the state-owned capital does not mean reducing the market-oriented operation mechanism of enterprises. The government work report also pointed out that to improve the effectiveness of the reform of state-owned enterprises with state-owned assets, we should rely on the reform to stimulate the vitality of the market main body and enhance the new momentum of development, the greater the difficulty and challenge, the more we need to deepen the reform, remove the institutional obstacles and stimulate the endogenous development momentum..

With the guidance of national policies, the continuous support of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua holdings, and the support of Chongqing Liangjiang state-owned assets, Ziguang group, which has already occupied a leading position in the field of integrated circuit and cloud network, will surely gain greater advantages in the market competition.

There are changes in the reform, but there are also changes. This time, you may ask Tsinghua how to change it?

What remains unchanged: Tsinghuas support remains unchanged

It is different from the reform plan of Tongfang, Qidi, chenan technology and other school enterprises in Tsinghua Department implemented by selling and transferring the controlling shares, and also different from the previous share reform proposals of Ziguang group. This time, the shares of Tsinghua Yifen Ziguang group have not been sold, and will continue to be held for a long time. As stated publicly in 2019 when the agreement with SDIC was terminated, Tsinghua will provide all possible support to Ziguang, which has a deep layout and leading position in the field of integrated circuits in China, including introducing strategic investors when appropriate.

At present, Ziguang group has become the largest and most important integrated circuit enterprise in China. Its Yangtze River storage has undertaken the largest single investment project in Chinas integrated circuit industry so far, and the major mission of high-end storage chip design and manufacturing breakthrough in Chinas integrated circuit industry. As the industry leader, Ziguang group plays an important strategic role in the development of integrated circuit industry. The rise and fall of Ziguang will have an important impact on the domestic and global supply chain of related electronic products.

How strong are Chongqing and Liangjiang?

In 2019, Chongqings GDP ranked fifth, and it is the economic, financial, scientific and technological innovation, shipping and trade logistics center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, as well as the national logistics hub city. It links one belt, one road to another, and leads to Southeast Asia. It is directly to Europe through the Chongqing New Europe railway. It is an important strategic fulcrum for the development of the western region, an important junctions of one belt and one road and the Yangtze River economic belt, and an inland open highland. As the talent center of Southwest China, Chongqing is also the gathering place of new manufacturing industry, with rapid development of information industry and cost advantage.

Liangjiang New Area is a sub provincial new area under the jurisdiction of Chongqing. It is the third national development and opening new area approved by the government directly after Shanghai Pudong New Area and Tianjin Binhai New Area. It has a good business environment and industrial ecology.

Liangjiang industrial group is a large-scale state-owned enterprise wholly owned by Liangjiang New Area Management Committee approved by Chongqing Municipal Peoples government. It is the main investment, operation and management platform of strategic emerging manufacturing industry and strategic emerging service industry in Liangjiang New Area. It is striving to become the promoter of industrial development, the manager of industrial operation, the provider of industrial services, and the industrial and urban finance of Liangjiang New Area He is the leader and builder of functional platform. The registered capital of Liangjiang industrial group is 10 billion yuan, with total assets of 71.8 billion yuan and net assets of 58.1 billion yuan.

Ziguang group has a long history of cooperation with Chongqing and Liangjiang New Area, which has a profound and broad basis for cooperation. On February 12, 2018, Chongqing municipal government signed a strategic framework agreement with Ziguang group, after which cooperation continued.

With the strong support of Chongqing municipal government and Liangjiang New Area, Ziguang groups Intelligent Security + AI, Ziguang cloud (South) headquarters, financial technology, global headquarters and design and research center of digital TV core chips, mobile intelligent terminal chip design and Research Center, chip factory and other projects are rapidly advancing in Chongqing.

Among them, Intelligent Security + AI project has a total investment of 6.5 billion yuan. Chongqing Ziguang Huashan Zhian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ziguang Huazhi) is a company invested and established by Ziguang group for the project in Liangjiang New Area. Ziguang Huazhi also signed an investment cooperation agreement with Liangjiang New Area to invest in building a modern industrial 4.0 digital factory in Yufu Park of Liangjiang New Area. Drive the upstream and downstream related industries to gather in Chongqing, help Chongqing to build a hundred billion level intelligent security economic ecosystem, and build Chongqing into a new security capital based on artificial intelligence big data.

Ziguang South cloud is a company invested and established by Ziguang group in Liangjiang New Area for Ziguang cloud (South) headquarters project, with a registered capital of 4 billion yuan. Ziguang group has also jointly established Ziguang Chongqing Digital Technology Co., Ltd. with Liangjiang New Area, focusing on the field of smart city. Through the high integration of data, ability and operation, Ziguang group has achieved the goal of strengthening government, promoting industry and benefiting the people, driving the city upgrading and promoting the integration of industry and city.

Chongqing and Ziguang have a deep foundation for cooperation, which is in line with the requirements of Tsinghua University in seeking new strategic investors for Ziguang group: we should have built a foundation for industrial cooperation and work mutual trust.

Consistent strategy, complementary advantages and huge future development space

In addition to the existing cooperation foundation, Chongqing and Liangjiang have a high degree of strategic agreement with Ziguang group and Tsinghua University. According to experts in the industry, based on the strong combination of consistent strategy and complementary advantages, there is a huge space for future development.

One belt, one road is Chongqing, which is making great efforts to push forward the development of the western region and build the one belt along the way and the green development of the Yangtze River economic belt. The Liangjiang New Area is vigorously implementing the 3311 strategy, with the aim of promoting digital industrialization and industrial digitalization as the basic path, and optimizing and enhancing the core industries such as electronic, information and other key industries such as core, screen, end and core.

On the other hand, Ziguang group takes 5g and other mobile chips as the breakthrough point, takes the design and manufacturing of memory chips as the depth, shoulders an important responsibility in the revitalization of the national integrated circuit industry, and is committed to becoming a world-class high-tech industrial group from core to cloud.

At present, Ziguang group has achieved a series of major breakthroughs in the new generation of information technology fields such as 3dnand memory chip, 5g communication technology, FPGA, etc. in February this year, Ziguang zhanrui released the worlds first 6nm euv5gsoc, and in April this year, Changjiang storage released the worlds first 128 layer QLC flash memory. Ziguang group has become a leading enterprise and a landmark high-tech enterprise in the field of integrated circuits in China. As a leader in digital solutions, Shinzo, a subsidiary of Ziguang group, has the overall capability of computing, storage, network, security and other all-round digital infrastructure. In the latest reports, Shinzos products and solutions rank first in a number of key domain names in the information technology industry. In early April, Ziguang group announced a major organizational structure upgrade based on Ziguang The overall development strategy of the cloud network sector is to integrate the private cloud, public cloud, artificial intelligence, video cloud and software service capabilities of its subsidiaries, establish the purple cloud and intelligent business group, comprehensively unify the technology, brand, market and service levels, face the market with the brand-new purple cloud brand, and strive to develop the cloud + intelligent business.

With the further promotion of multi-party cooperation, Ziguangs projects in Chongqing will be promoted as soon as possible, and Chongqing will also usher in a major upgrade opportunity in its industry.

In the future, many parties will work together to transform and upgrade Chongqings traditional industries, cultivate and expand emerging industries, seize new infrastructure opportunities, and build new highlands of technology, talent and industry in 5g technology, integrated circuit, industrial Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other fields. Through the strategic layout in Chongqing, Ziguang will play a key role, a leading role, a leading role and a demonstration role in the new round of industrial transformation and upgrading in Chongqing and Liangjiang New Area.

We have every reason to believe that with the joining of Chongqing and Liangjiang industrial group and the constant strong support of Tsinghua University, Ziguang group will surely inject new vitality into the high-quality development of Chongqing and Liangjiang New Area, create a new pattern, and promote the integration of production, learning and research; Ziguang group will also open a new chapter with the new share reform!