Some suggestions on ordinary peoples financial management in WeiMiao financial management guide

 Some suggestions on ordinary peoples financial management in WeiMiao financial management guide

First of all, it is certain to deposit a sum of money in the bank. Bank deposit is also the most traditional way of financial management. Its security is very high, but the income is also very low. But as the lowest level of asset allocation, bank deposit can ensure that you can maintain the quality of life when encountering the risk of force majeure. Therefore, ordinary people can buy some bank financial products, and it is recommended to choose R1 and R2 financial products, because their risk is not high, it is difficult to lose the principal.

Of course, you can also carry out some Internet financing, buy some money funds, or transfer the money into yuebao or change channel. The risk of the monetary fund is also very small, and the income is relatively stable. If we make a fixed investment of the fund, we can accumulate a lot.

In a word, the best way for people without financial management experience is to start with low-risk products, get familiar with the characteristics of basic financial management products, and at the same time, fully cultivate their correct financial management concepts.

You need to know that there are many ways of financing now, and the Internet financing products are too numerous to enumerate. How to distinguish Li Kui and Li Gui and how to avoid being bewitched by high-yield sugar coating? This requires that you have the correct concept of financing, and how to cultivate your own concept of financing?

1: Financial management is a long-term process, which needs time and patience and cannot become rich overnight;

2: To establish risk awareness, investment is risky. Low risk investment varieties, such as bank deposit and national debt, are difficult to generate high return; high risk investment varieties, such as stock and industrial investment, may generate high return, but can also lead to huge losses;

3: Resist the temptation of high return on investment. Any project with high return on investment is questionable.

4: Family is not an enterprise, the safety of assets should be put in the first place, and the profitability should be put in the second place; family financial investment! First consider the risk, then consider the income, can not reasonably control the risk, the income can not be talked about.

5: It is necessary to formulate quantitative and reasonable financial management objectives, allocate assets according to financial management objectives, and achieve targeted goals.

6: Investment value-added is a long-term behavior, the purpose is to make the quality of life higher, do not reduce the current quality of life because of investment. Investment funds should be funds other than normal life consumption. With such idle money investment, investors will maintain a good attitude.

At the same time, if you find that you cannot cope with your financial experience, you can also carry out relevant financial education and training. At present, weimiaoshang business school has launched the financial management training camp for zero basic people. Through telling stories, sharing cases and solving scams, the course transforms obscure professional financial management concepts into easy to understand learning contents for entry-level people. Through Xiaobai training camp, students can quickly understand the concept of financial management, establish a knowledge system, resist common financial fraud, and then change the concept of financial management. Finally, I hope everyone can learn to manage money rationally. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

Finally, I hope everyone can learn to manage money rationally.