Its totally hot! The city manager calls the vendors to set up stalls and increase the market economy

 Its totally hot! The city manager calls the vendors to set up stalls and increase the market economy

In early trading today, the concept stocks of the local stall economy continued to rise strongly. As of the publication, the price limit of Huasi, small commodity city, Yindu, Haining Picheng, Maoye commerce, etc. was higher than that of the top 100 groups, Zhejiang Dongri, peoples Tongtai, etc.

Its too hot! Chengguan calls vendors to set up stalls

These two days, with the introduction of policies from all over the world, a city manager called a vendor to set up a stall. It was reported that many small vendors in Ruichang, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province received a call from the city manager and actively mobilized them to set up a stall in a designated place.

Many vendors were very surprised after receiving the phone call and exclaimed, there is still such a good thing, I want to call other people to put it on.. It is understood that in order to release the vitality of stall economy and make the city more smoke and fire, the urban administration of Ruichang City, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province has set up a temporary place for mobile vendors in the urban area to provide flexible and diversified convenience services for the public.

Public private car stall, Wuling launched stall God car

In addition, in Zhengzhou, with the rise of local stall economy, many citizens drive their private cars to set up stalls and open their trunk to change stalls directly. A woman stall owner said that she was an office worker who used to like to go to the night market. Now she uses her spare time to set up the stall to increase her extra income. Her daily turnover is about 1000 yuan.

Coincidentally, Wuling Rongguang, known as shenche, launched the wing to open the sales truck, and then opened the car to sell goods.

According to the official account of Wuling special vehicle, the central government set the tone: legalization of stall, occupying the road, road market and mobile traders, no longer listed as civilized city assessment and assessment content.

Rongguangyi opened all the freight cars for sale, displayed goods from various angles and perspectives, with the functions of commercial activities, strong mobility, small floor area, and various and flexible ways of publicity, distribution, sales and promotion.

According to Wulings response, the car can be driven with a drivers license C. It is worth noting that Wuling Automobile is listed in Hong Kong stock market, with a market value of only HK $600 million, up 0.5% today.

Listed companies respond in succession

The continuous increase of policy makes the local economy become one of the standards to measure the rise and fall of stock price. After yesterdays trading, some investors inquired about the health of famous ministers on the interactive platform. The online economy continued to be hot, the online red belt goods were in full swing, and the local night market economy was also encouraged by the state. What are the plans of the company in these aspects? How to seize the opportunity of development in the new economic era?

Mingchen Health said that the companys two major brands, tihuazhixiu and meiwang, have a clear market positioning since they were founded. Tihua Zhixiu is positioned in the urban consumer groups below the second and third tier, and meiwang brand is positioned in the township market. The specific sales mode is also flexible with the change of the market, and the vast number of dealers of the company are also very familiar with the market, and are good at seizing the market opportunity and innovating performance. It has always been our practice to adapt to changes in the market.

Affected by this, the volume of healthy early trading soared in a straight line, rising nearly 9% at one time, and trading volume reached 103 million yuan in the first hour of opening, exceeding the trading volume of yesterdays whole day. According to wind data, 4.89 million yuan of the main capital in the morning was net flowing into Mingchen health.

Contrary to Mingchen health, investors asked Zhangjiajie, as a tourist attraction, to promote the recovery and development of local economy with the policy of allowing stalls to occupy roads. Will the company provide stalls and stalls in the scenic area as rentals to promote the economy?

Zhangjiajie said that the stalls in the scenic spot were originally leased to the relevant merchants, which is beneficial for the scenic spot to provide services to tourists. Only limited by the relevant regulations of world natural heritage and scenic area management, some areas cant set up stands at will. Affected by this, Zhangjiajies share price fell against the market against the background of the overall red market.

Lanzhou minbai, youa shares, agricultural products, Zongshen power, etc. have also become the hot stocks on the recent interactive platform to be asked about the economic relationship with the local stall.

Local policies continue to overlap

Since the two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly referred to the local economy. Yesterday, another city was added to the economic recovery, and Zhengzhou issued the opinions on further improving the work of benefiting the people by implementing the people-centered development idea, which requires making full use of public places such as squares and parks and idle land, and establishing market and characteristic flea market. According to statistics, up to now, local governments in Xuchang, Jilin Changchun, Pengzhou, Sichuan, Huaihua, Chengdu, Shaanxi, etc. have put forward relevant opinions on encouraging local economy.

The energy and effect that the stall economy erupts is also a lever. Chengdu is the first city to open its economy. As early as March, the Chengdu Municipal Committee of urban management and the city administration and Law Enforcement Bureau issued the five permits for urban management in Chengdu, one insist on overall planning of epidemic prevention and control to help economic development measures, and put forward the prudent and inclusive regulatory policy for businesses and operators during the epidemic prevention and control period.

Since the implementation of the policy, according to the data released by Chengdu Urban Management Committee, as of the end of May, Chengdu has set up 2230 temporary booths and stalls, 17147 temporary cross door business sites, 20130 mobile vendor business sites, increased the number of employees by more than 100000, and the resumption rate of catering shops in the central urban area has exceeded 98%.

In more than two months, more than 100000 people have been employed in Chengdu alone, while many cities in China are similar to Chengdu. For example, a comprehensive recovery and economic sharing will solve the massive employment population. However, affected by the new crown epidemic, Chinas employment market is facing the most severe challenge in the past decade. According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, from January to April this year, 3.54 million new jobs were created in cities and towns nationwide, a year-on-year decrease of 1.05 million. In April, the national urban survey unemployment rate was 6.0%, a year-on-year increase of 1 percentage point, a month on month increase of 0.1 percentage point.

According to Alipay data, as of the end of May, there were 12 million small shops and roadside stalls revenue grew by the same period last year. Among them, the number of small shops was particularly eye-catching, and the stores that supported Alipays consumer coupons were 73.4% yuan.

Among the major cities, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen have the largest number of small stores with revenue rebound. Zhengzhou ranks first in the North due to the driving effect of consumption vouchers. Two months after the lifting of Wuhan, the economy of small stores is also recovering rapidly, with 150000 small stores and roadside stalls achieving year-on-year income growth in May.

Organization: Food and beverage industry benefits significantly

Northeast Securities said that the stall economy is concerned about the consumer industry. With the opening of policies around the country, the stall economy has become a new driving force for economic recovery. On the one hand, it promotes the increase of employment, on the other hand, it drives consumption. In history, the relative support stage of policy to the local economy is mainly in 2007 and 2017.

From the perspective of macro indicators, the liberalization of local economic policies has a supporting role for employment. From the perspective of industry fundamentals, no matter after March 2007 or September 2017, the consumer sector has shown a relatively significant increase in profits, with the food and beverage industry benefiting significantly.