Hot money is too fierce! The stock price tripled in two months, and now its up and down again

 Hot money is too fierce! The stock price tripled in two months, and now its up and down again

Driven by the popularity of the stock, the netred economic concept stock is stronger again, with Saturday, aofei entertainment, tianxiaxiu and other stocks following.

Since April 8, this year, after the one word limit board, the stock price of Guangdong Guangdong group started from around 3 yuan, which opened the road of this round of surge. As of noon today, the share price closed at 10.51 yuan. Roughly speaking, the share price has more than tripled in nearly two months.

How tough is the trend of Guangdong broadcasting group? Not only the short-term cumulative increase, but also the companys announcement of reducing its holdings failed to affect the stock price rise.

On the evening of May 27, Guangdong Guangxin group announced that its controlling shareholder, Guangxin group, planned to reduce its holding of 43.58 million shares. As soon as the news of reducing holdings came out, it was rare that the stock rose instead of falling, and was still blocked by large funds at the end of the next day.

From the performance point of view, it can be said to be ordinary. Market participants tiktok Kwai said that on the one hand, it was a ride of the concept of short video, such as quiver and quick hand.

What is the core reason for the rise of Guangdong Guangdong group? Perhaps this is related to this announcement: in April 7th, the company said it signed a sea cooperation agreement with the byte beating ByteDance, becoming the core agent of TikTokAdss access to the sea, and obtained tiktoks overseas maritime traffic products in more than 150 countries and regions in five continents.

The news appeared on the official website of Guangdong broadcasting group, but it was not announced on the exchange. In response to the inquiry letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on April 22, the company said that the company and byte skipping are long-term business partnership. The recent sea going cooperation agreement signed with the company is an agreement involved in the normal development of daily business, does not involve specific amount, does not belong to a major contract, and does not meet the standards of information technology.

On the other hand, the pursuit of short-term funds is an important factor for the stock price of such companies to soar.

Yesterdays capital hit the market and the stock price fell sharply. Todays market closed again. Who is directing this scene?

On May 28, Guotai Junan Securities, the first tier hot money seat, located in Shanghai Jiangsu Road, bought 8.2187 million yuan and sold 90.8213 million yuan.

On May 29, Shaanxi Branch of industrial securities, another top hot money seat, was located in selling one seat, buying 11.2175 million yuan and selling 93.8879 million yuan.

According to the latest list of dragon and tiger on June 2, retail base Oriental Wealth securities Lhasa East Ring Road and Lhasa Tuanjie road became the most active takers, occupying the first and second seats of buying, respectively buying 68.904 million yuan and 53.4488 million yuan.

Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NF4425