Freuds independent autopsy report: asphyxia due to neck back compression

 Freuds independent autopsy report: asphyxia due to neck back compression

The two coroners in charge of the autopsy said Freud was in good health and had no underlying health problems leading to or contributing to his death, which was murder.. Forensic Medicine found that the weight, handcuffs and position of Freuds body were the causes of damage to his diaphragm function.

However, the autopsy report released by the police earlier said that Freud died of heart disease and potential poisons in the body, rather than strangulation and suffocation by the police. Police control of him was only an inducement, exacerbating his illness.


In response, Freuds family insisted that they did not believe the autopsy report, they hired a famous forensic pathologist to re autopsy.

After Freuds death, protesters set fire to the local police station. (AP)

According to, Freud died on May 25 after being knelt down by police for seven or eight minutes after being subjected to violent law enforcement. He pleaded I cant breathe, but he was ignored. After that, hundreds of local people took to the streets to demand justice for the dead, but they were suppressed by police using tear gas, detonation and rubber bullets, which made the people more furious. The rioting continued to escalate and spread throughout the United States.

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