Multiple shootings in Iowa, 2 deaths and 1 police injury

 Multiple shootings in Iowa, 2 deaths and 1 police injury

According to reports, in the early morning of June 1 local time, local authorities held a press conference saying that the police in Davenport, Iowa, were ambushed by thugs at night.

Davenport police chief Paul Sikorski said three officers were ambushed while on patrol and several people fired at them. Subsequently, patrol police vehicles were hit and one of them was injured. Sikorsky said he was not aware of the injured officers condition, but said he was in good spirits this morning.

Sikorsky also said police later arrested several people in a car that fled the scene of the crime.

Mike mateson, mayor of Davenport, said he would impose a curfew in the city tonight and asked governor Kim Reynolds to start the National Guard.

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