Singapores prime ministers wife forwarded a cartoon with American connotation and won a lot of praise

 Singapores prime ministers wife forwarded a cartoon with American connotation and won a lot of praise

The cartoons were first published in the United morning post in Singapore, and were forwarded by He Jing after they were sent out by Guo Yongxiu, a teacher at a university in Singapore. In the comments forwarded by He Jing, most netizens of the comments are praising them.

Among them, many netizens are criticizing the US governments double standard approach, and criticizing Pelosis beautiful scenery that was thrown out by the riots in Hong Kong.

In addition, He Jing sent a short story about white and black Americans breaking through discrimination and Prejudice and building a fair atmosphere of communication to respond to the suspected cases of racial discrimination caused by the riots across the United States.

Its not the first time he Jing has commented on current events on social networks. During the riots in Hong Kong last year, He Jing criticized Hong Kong thugs for disrupting social order and forwarded a tweet in support of strict law enforcement by Hong Kong police.

This forwarding also made many Hong Kong rioters hate he Jing. On social platforms such as twitter, they can often see the content of these peoples forwarding attacks on He Jing.

Source: Hong Kong 01 news

On April 11 this year, after Taiwan media claimed that Taiwan donated a large number of masks to Singapore, He Jing commented on a social account errr (ER), suspected of satirizing that Taiwan authorities banned the export of masks on the island in January this year, which resulted in Singapores steggs inability to transport masks back to Singapore in two mask production lines in Taiwan. But he Jing has never responded positively to the meaning of errr (ER).

Of course, her move annoyed some Taiwanese, and made her and Singapore suffer personal attacks and discrimination.

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However, it seems that He Jings enthusiasm for posting has not been affected by these attacks. Most of the time, He Jing likes to share some interesting stories and stories on his account, or introduce the local conditions and customs of Singapore.