Media: using virus to stigmatize China, pure imagination, absurd and ridiculous

 Media: using virus to stigmatize China, pure imagination, absurd and ridiculous

The unsubstantiated accusation and conspiracy theory mentioned in the article refers to what Peng peiao said before, that there is a large amount of evidence to prove that the coronavirus comes from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. But he has no evidence of that. Although pompeio no longer insists on this statement, it cannot change the fact that he denigrates China.

There was no parallel in history. China novel coronavirus pneumonia has taken unprecedented measures to curb the outbreak since the outbreak of Chinas new crown pneumonia. When the eyes of the epidemic turned overseas, China actively provided various kinds of assistance to countries, including sharing anti epidemic experience, sending medical teams, donating medical materials, cooperating in scientific research, etc

What China has done is an interpretation of the spirit of international war epidemic of brothers climbing mountains and working together. Because China has long recognized that, in the era of globalization, China and the world depend on each other for weal and woe, share weal and woe, and assist other countries. In fact, China is also defending itself.

But pompeios accusation, without any evidence, is a typical conspiracy theory.

Tan Desai, director general of who, said that China has won time for the prevention and control of the epidemic in the world. Mizzenich, chairman of the Social Democratic Party group of the Bundestag, said that Germany has benefited a lot from the experience and practice of anti epidemic shared by China. In addition, Chinas timely sharing of epidemic data with the world has also been recognized by medical experts from various countries. All these facts and statements confirm that China cannot make viruses.

In the era of globalization, countries interact more and more frequently, and no country can be separated from such a world system. This is the basic common sense of the civilized world. For decades, Chinas active integration into the global system is based on this basic principle. Pestilence, to some extent, is a global test, which needs to be shared rather than resorted to the accusation of conspiracy theory.

A responsible and cosmopolitan country will not shake its heart because of the stigma and malice of the outside world, but will not be afraid of the wind and rain. In the post epidemic era when the world order is bound to be reshaped, such national character is bound to be the foundation of the international order.