Li Zhiying @ trump pays attention to Hong Kong scholars and criticizes them: willing to be a foreign running dog

 Li Zhiying @ trump pays attention to Hong Kong scholars and criticizes them: willing to be a foreign running dog

Li Zhiying information map (photo source: Hong Kongs east net)

On May 21, the third session of the 13th National Peoples Congress announced its agenda, which includes the deliberation of the draft decision of the National Peoples Congress on the establishment and improvement of the legal system and implementation mechanism of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for the maintenance of national security. Li Zhiying tweeted that it was a good time to open a twitter account, Dongwang reported. Later, he @ trump paid attention to the situation in Hong Kong.

In response, Chen Weiqiang, a lecturer at the school of professional and continuing education at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, said that any country has a national security law,

Li Zhiyings comments on twitter are double standards and not fully justified.

Chen Weiqiang also said that this is the first time that Li Zhiying has opened an account on twitter, and that his post specially @ trump pays attention to the situation in Hong Kong. He believes that Li Zhiyings intention is to increase her so-called voice power in the West

There is a clear suspicion of collusion with foreign forces

u3002 Chen also said that the rule of law in Hong Kong does not need the gift of the United States. In addition, many Americans think Trumps crackdown on local rule of law and freedom is ridiculous. It also shows that

He is willing to be a foreign dog.

Trump map

Wang Guoxing, a spokesman for Hong Kong Group 230000 supervisors, said Li Zhiying expected trump to become the savior of Hong Kong. The words used were not only flesh and blood, but also personality

It proved that he had the intention to split the country and betray the country. Criticizing Li Zhiyings action was the same as traitors.

Wang Guoxing said that, in addition to the fact that Hong Kongs current laws fail to stop similar acts of adultery and treason in a timely manner, it confirms the need for the central government to implement the national security law of the port area to protect the security of the country and Hong Kong.

Wang Guoxing also said that mark Simon, Li Zhiyings assistant, was a former U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer and had a close relationship with the United States. He believed that Li Zhiying might be forced to publicly call for help because of the difficulty in communicating with the United States recently and fear of being abandoned, which also proved that Li Zhiying felt guilty and panicked about his lawsuit.

As for Li Zhiyings comments, on twitter, netizen Robinson wrote, except for fabricating lies! How credible are your words? A kind of

Some netizens mentioned Li Zhiyings a fruit daily and poison apple spreads fake news! A kind of

Netizen James GL asked Li Zhiying, well, didnt violent demonstrations destroy Hong Kong? A kind of

You should shut up and wait for the trial, said Fiona, a netizen A kind of

According to Li Zhiyings @ trump practice, some netizens directly mentioned last year

Trump used riots to describe illegal demonstrations in Hong Kong.

What he (trump) said last year, sir, you must have not forgotten, the netizen quipped A kind of

In August last year, trump asked the media questions on the White House lawn, saying that the riots in Hong Kong have been going on for some time. He did not know what Chinas attitude was, but mentioned that it was between the mainland and Hong Kong, because

Hong Kong is part of China

u3002 Trump also said that China will handle Hong Kongs affairs on its own, and he does not need to give advice.

At the bottom of the tweet, there are also netizens denouncing Li Zhiying in Chinese. A kind of

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true });}) (); relevant recommendation: Li Zhiyings order to apply for the cancellation of the period of bail, judge: no! Li Zhiying and other members of the public who were involved in the illegal assembly called down the traitors at the scene. Behind the chaos in Hong Kong is the internal and external collusion between the gang of four and the Western Anti China forces. Source: global network editor in charge: Li Xi_ NN2587