Mom, I just want to marry him. you dare. for him, I dare.

 Mom, I just want to marry him. you dare. for him, I dare.

She is a very excellent and beautiful girl. She is the best flower in the class,

Shes very talented in art, and shes one of the best in culture.

She was admitted to a famous university, but she gave up college for her boyfriend.

She decided not to go to college, but to go out to work and marry her boyfriend that night,

I happened to spend the night at my brothers house.

My brothers parents are very good tempered people,

My brothers ran away from home on a hunger strike and never saw them lose their temper.

That night, my brother and I were ordered to go back to sleep.

But my brother and I were scared by his parents abnormality,

Only listen to his fathers furious fall cup, only listen to his mothers heartbreaking scolding.

She also exhausted all her strength and shouted, Mom, I just want to marry him.

Dare you!

Later, a friend asked me to accompany him to bring something to her sister.

After getting married, his sister stayed at her boyfriends house to look at the grocery store every day.

A girl who is supposed to feel the beauty of the great world of university becomes a girl who is supposed to watch the shop.

Many people are not worth it for her, many people are wronged for her, including me.

Many years later, when I went to my brothers house for dinner, her sister happened to return home.

At the dinner table, she joked, but she could hear the truth, she said,

The life she had expected before was to go to college, and then stay in the big city for several years,

On weekends, I go shopping with my friends and colleagues to sing K songs, and then leave some time for my hobbies.

If you are lucky, you will meet a good man,

Fight together, save money together, buy houses in big cities, take root in fallen leaves,

Getting married at about the same age and having two children, this is how life goes.

But the result makes me feel that she is very satisfied with the current life,

I dont regret my decision not to go to college for my boyfriend.

My feeling at that moment was that she met love.

Especially after he failed to defeat his son, he made trouble for his sister everywhere,

Especially when he was not married, he began to ask his sister to see the shop.

Fortunately, his brother-in-law has always been very good to his sister-in-law, and her sister has never been concerned with her mother-in-law, quietly doing a daughter-in-laws duty.

Later, maybe the mother-in-law was moved by his sisters virtue, or she put down her prejudice for the sake of family harmony, or her brother-in-laws coordination.

And their husband and wife, later on, started business together, and each year is better than the other,

I think thats the power of love.

The difference is,

Some people are threatening love with the sea of fire, or trying to impress love with the delusion of blind infatuation, such moths are doomed to be crushed to pieces.

Thats mostly why my brother-in-laws sister and brother-in-laws families were strongly opposed at first,

But the reason why they didnt look back.

It suddenly occurred to me that in recent years, the most common question I heard from fans was: should I persist in this relationship regardless of everything?

I can only say that its not worth watching a relationship. Its never or never worth thinking about.

But when you are not looking back, the other side is retreating three feet,

Often is the other half is not worth, but you are not willing.

Ill tell you, you cant jump, youll burn yourself.

But you cant put it down, but you cant bear it. Cant you really jump?

No, a lot of people end up dancing.

The diamond in the jewelry store will never fascinate you by holding your hand and watching the stars at night.

Yes, silly, is really the most painful and unforgettable growth in love.

So, if one day, unfortunately, you jump into a sea of fire by mistake.

Dont be afraid of injury, dont be afraid of loss, because you have a clear conscience and no fear.

Be strong earlier, grow up earlier,