Should subordinates take the initiative to check out when they meet the leaders dinner? Understand these four kinds of situations, and you will be reused

 Should subordinates take the initiative to check out when they meet the leaders dinner? Understand these four kinds of situations, and you will be reused

So, when new employees meet leaders for dinner, should they take the initiative to pay? Is this kind of behavior flattering the leadership and slapping the horse? Especially after the 95th session, there is no such hidden rule as pee. How much work and how much salary do you get? Its just natural that you dont need to kneel and lick? Mr. Ma is so successful and still believes in the power of Eq. there was a classic golden sentence: IQ prevents failure and EQ determines success. Shanghai tycoon once said that the Jianghu is not fighting and killing, but the world. The workplace is like the Jianghu. Its not a bad thing to know a little about the world.

u30101u3011 If you encounter a leader eating alone, you can take the initiative to pay the bill and close the relationship.

Often encountered leaders eat, that is the canteen mode, you take the initiative to pay, must be despised by colleagues. In a small restaurant, its not flattering to meet a leader for dinner and pay the bill. Its human nature. Whats more, if two people eat alone, the cost will not be high, and they take the initiative to pay the bill, its easy to get closer to each other. If you can drink another beer, you can all make friends. Why not?

Think about it from another position. You are the leader. If you see your subordinates quietly and far away from eating, you dont want to spend tens of dollars to pay the bill. Instead, you think that this guy has no vision and price, cant get on the table, and can you think of this guy when you encounter good things in the future?

I ran into a leaders family with three people eating, but the consumption is not high. I can say hello in a big way. Leader, its so coincidence that your family is eating here, too. Ive already brought the bill together. If you need to say hello, please. If the leader says, Oh, youre Li Haiba from the business department. Youre too polite. You dont have to pay the bill. Eating today is simply to celebrate your childs birthday. By the way, you bought the single, and then you sent a small cake, I happened to meet the child for his birthday, and I sent a small cake, and I wish the child a happy birthday. Then say hello to the leader, the bill has been settled, and leave in advance. Dont flatter me. Just keep a human nature in mind. Leaders will feel your generosity and decency. They will also have face in front of their families. You can see how respectable and respectful my subordinates are to their superiors.

u30103u3011 In principle, leaders should not disturb or pay for meals with women alone.

u30104u3011 Two groups meet by chance, but in the past toast, in principle, do not pay.

When you have dinner with friends, it happens that leaders and friends are also eating. When the two groups meet, you dont know the nature of leaders meals, whether leaders invite leaders or leaders invite others. Dont worry about eating salty radishes. You pay the bill on your own initiative, which makes the leaders unhappy. For example, when people invite leaders to eat, you pay the bill first and flatter them on horseshoes. Besides, you only earn a few money in a month. Why should you be such a bighead?

You can go over with a glass of wine in a generous way and give a toast to the leader. If the leader introduces you to the table, everyone, this is Li Hai from our business department, a young and promising young man. Take the bottle and offer a toast. If the leader doesnt introduce you, you will come back after you respect the leader. Dont propose a toast to the people present. If the leader doesnt want you to participate, dont participate in anything.