Life revelation: making money is more tired than falling in love, but more happy

 Life revelation: making money is more tired than falling in love, but more happy


Maybe, its hard to be willing to spend time on it. Earn to earn, even pocket money is not enough. But unwilling to give up, a friend said: anyway, you have no love to talk about. Busy making money, no difficulty. Once we fall in love, its impossible to face the computer all the time. I think about it. Its really the same thing. However, falling in love is also a technical job, OK? I asked myself that I was not prepared physically or mentally. Its estimated that fortune doesnt want to be tough. So, Id better wait for fate.


Busy for half a month, I know I missed too much. In particular, we missed the previous 520 and 521. Never believed in miracles, so miracles didnt happen. I never believe that love belongs to me, so its good to be a quiet single dog. In the circle of friends numb praise, but also the so-called love, marriage has extreme suspicion. Well, all right? Wow, is this the legendary masked couple? Oh, give special gifts to special people on special days. Yes, yes. Sweetness and pain should come together.


I know, too many people are struggling. They may have love, then enjoy the beauty of emotion. They may work hard, so enjoy the joy of work. There are also people who have both. I will not envy and envy, they will not do nothing, and good luck will come naturally. Its just, we dont know. It doesnt mean that people are all lucky. But there are a lot of people, like me. There is no pursuit of career without love and happiness. Anyway, I still live. Its not necessarily the best gesture. Weve done our best.