How to distinguish wolf and dog

 How to distinguish wolf and dog

Mrs. Zhang was heartbroken, and she sat on the ground crying loudly. The villagers couldnt persuade her. One of the villagers asked, can you see what kind of animals are dragging away the chickens? Aunt Zhang said, I see clearly. It should be a wolf.

My mother, there are wolves in the mountain! cried the villagers

Everyone was thinking about how to deal with it. Aunt Zhang suddenly shouted, Hey, its it. Villagers, take a stick and hit it!

The villagers looked down at the place where Aunt Zhang pointed, and sure enough, there was a beast hiding at the foot of the mountain like a wolf. We got a big fishing net with dancing sticks. The soldiers divided several ways and set up a vast array of nets. Without much effort, we caught the wolf.

This matter quickly spread out, a lot of people rushed to see strange, even the leadership of the county forestry bureau, county television reporters are riding a car to come.

Villagers are clamoring to kill the wolf and then peel it for stew, which is severely stopped by the leaders of the forestry bureau: warning you, this wolf is a national protected animal, who killed who is unlucky!

Its not good to fight. Its a disaster again. What should I do? In a standoff, someone suddenly said, Hey, everyone, dont be busy. How can I look at this like a big wolf dog from the next village

The leader of the Forestry Bureau immediately called the experts in the Bureau. The experts listed a lot of differences between wolves and dogs, from body shape to habits to DNA, which made everyone confused. In a word, the truth is clear, but it cant be distinguished.

Just as everyone was scratching their heads, a child came into the crowd and said, I know this dog. I fed him ham sausage. Before the voice fell, the little guy got some chestnuts on his head. What about the wolf if he said something wrong?

The little guy covered his skull and cried out in pain, I have a way to prove it. After that, he picked up a stone and smashed it into the net. The animal howled miserably, then barked.