Why do people who seem to be delayed by doing nothing make money in the end?

 Why do people who seem to be delayed by doing nothing make money in the end?

My impression of her comes more from my parents saying, look at Wen Wen, she can do everything well..

We have to admit that some people are born excellent.

According to the research results published by Professor Robert Plomin of Cambridge University in science and technology, the worlds top academic magazine, 32% - 62% of peoples success is determined by genes, and the rest is determined by environment and personal acquired factors.

Talented people are more likely to be discovered and have more chances of success.

Brian Cranston, who starred for the first time, won four Emmy Awards for his brilliant performance in the deadly poison master. And he got the role, a lot of it because of luck. At that time, several well-known actors who were candidates rejected the role, and Cranston almost got the chance to act as a leaky actor, and finally achieved him.

But there is another kind of person, who has no talent and seems to have no good luck. Only by following the trend, we have also reaped a rich life.

The most expensive and profitable

Because of them, they moved several times. Lily told me.

Most landlords dont like tenants to keep pets, and roommates who share the rent have their own opinions. Pets are not only harmful to indoor health, but also affect normal work and rest.

But it doesnt affect Lilys passion for pets. She told me that at most, she had 4 cats and 2 dogs. Later, because I couldnt care about it, I sent some of them.

Consumption is also frightening. More money is spent on them than on myself.

Not only the rent, but also the pets food, daily care and medical treatment almost emptied Lilys salary card.

But it is this seemingly most expensive hobby that has given her great wealth.

In order to study the habits of pets, Lili read a lot of relevant information. She knows everything about the appearance, taste preference and temperament of each variety.

She judged the cats condition from its cry, found its wound from its walking posture, and even detected that it was on alert from the height of its tail.

In this way, Lili became a pet blogger.

There are many pet products businesses paying to cooperate with her, hoping to promote their products through her.

It seems that the hobby of doing nothing has become Lilis advantage.

Whats the use of those certificates?

Yu Yue graduated from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. His first job was as a medical representative.

I dont like that job, though its profitable. Yu Yue said that medicine represents good income, but we have to ask for people. Ask pharmacist, director, she cant adapt at all.

So she quit her job and started to learn psychology and nutrition at the same time: I like learning, and Im very good at learning.

That year, her son was born. I was very curious about this little life, so I went to learn parent-child education. After learning about parents and children, he went on to learn about marriage.

It is not enough to study only in books, but also in practice.

Her friends all know that she is an expert in these aspects, and they find her to solve problems in life. Yu Yue is happy to answer, because in the process of helping them to solve problems, it is also the process of her learning.

Continuous learning and output form a deep learning mode.

Because of continuous output, more and more people began to consult her. Yuyues classroom, from community to school, from free to charge, from public lecture to enterprise hiring

Lecture by Yu Yue

In December last year, Yu Yue joined the momself spokesperson program. She combines the courses on the momself platform with her own knowledge reserve and delivers them to more people in need.

I can use my professional expertise to help you better understand the content of momself. People who have studied psychology have a better understanding of platform related courses and can communicate with you.

Those certificates may not be useful, but deep learning has obviously become Yu Yues advantage.

No manager at all

Cui Cui, founder of momself, graduated from university in 2007. She joined Hangzhou Blue Lion Culture Creative Co., Ltd., the largest original Financial Publishing Agency in China. She became editor in chief in one year and once ranked one of the youngest CEOs in China.

Cui Cuis first popular product after the founding of momself is called management skills everyone needs. So far, more than 300000 copies have been sold.

Mr. Wu Xiaobo, a famous financial writer and growth tutor of Cui Cui, once commented on her as follows: Cui Cui and I have also been defeated together. But to my surprise, even at the last moment, Cui Cuis team is still very united and full of courage. This should be the charm of managers.

So you may think that Cui Cuis talent in management is obvious.

But in fact, when she started to do management, she had neither theoretical basis nor scientific background. She talks to each employee, understands their needs, finds their best direction, and puts them in the right place one by one.

This kind of behavior was once criticized and said by the leaders: you are too weak to be treated equally and not differently. Theres no manager at all.

It is because of Cui Cuis differentiated treatment of employees that she has the greatest advantage of becoming a manager.

The vice president of 890 cultural and creative Co., Ltd. said to her, at that time, the team you brought was very different in style, with different characteristics, and its richness was much higher than other teams. You are good at discovering their strengths and using them in different directions.

Drucker, the father of management: the task of managers is not to change people, but to use everyone..

To use everyone is to use everyones unique advantages.

Cui Cui was once told that her management position was elevated and her boss had many conflicts with her. She felt that her heart was too big and she was not practical. The team led by Cui Cui also complained to HR department repeatedly, saying that she put too much pressure on the team. She was in great pain and in great self doubt.

Cui Cui, what kind of life and work do you think I am suitable for? After a few hours of talking, she asked such a question.

Unexpectedly, this simple feedback brought her a qualitative change.

Later, after several consultation and communication, she transformed to make investment. It turns out that investing in this industry is very suitable for her. She is interested in numbers, pays attention to trends, and gives entrepreneurs more and better ideas.

We usually think that advantage is the most shining and easy to find place in a person.

Its not.

In the above stories, the most expensive pets, the most time-consuming learning, and the unpopular management methods have finally become their advantages and gained huge wealth.

To find ones own advantages is also a science. We call it dominant thinking..

And advantage + trend = favorable trend.

In order to help more people find and play their own advantages, Cui Cui began to do advantage class. Based on this, on May 25, there will be a live sharing of the theme, which you are recommended to listen to.

The flaws you think, or the traits that seem most useless, may be your greatest strength.