How hard is it for Chinese doctors?

 How hard is it for Chinese doctors?

As a result, the spurts borrow a question and play, questioning Zhong Laos endorsement of the product.

Some time ago, Zhong said Lianhua Qingwen capsule had a good effect.

Of course, not only Zhong Lao, Li Lanjuan, Zhang Boli and other authoritative experts have said.

The gunfire of the sprayer is aimed at Zhong Lao.

No matter what, Mr. Zhong is just bringing goods. Black is right.

On May 16, Zhong replied in an interview:

I have never been a spokesperson for any enterprise or product. How can I do those things? What does that have to do with my business?

Since the outbreak, Zhong has not been blacked for the first time.

He was the first to come forward and remind the whole nation that the epidemic will spread from person to person.

The whole country realized the terrible situation.

But I cant think of it. Even the sprayer can pull it out.

He doesnt deserve to be praised. He talks empty all day...

Its too hard to be a peoples hero.

And its harder to be a doctor than a peoples hero.

Because there is always a invisible knife, which is on the doctors neck.

If you dont pay attention a little, you will get hurt or die.

On January 20, a patient rushed into Beijing Chaoyang Hospital with a knife.

The knife went to doctor Tao Yong.

The patient chased from the seventh floor to the sixth floor with a knife. All the complaints were scattered on Dr. Tao Yong.

After Tao Yongs reaction, he used his arm to protect the key parts.

Fortunately, during his escape, he met with the help of colleagues and other patients.

Later, my colleagues recalled that: a little bit, just a little bit.

Neck 10 cm knife injury, left arm tendon median nerve ulna, nerve disconnection.

I cant imagine how it would have ended without other peoples help in time?

Whats more outrageous is that the reason why the patients cut people with knives is:

Not satisfied with the effect of eyes operation.

issatisfied? When you chop people, youll get one.

The extra eyes can be donated to people in need.

But even if we recover, we may not be able to return to the condition before the injury.

He was a high spirited young man. There is no limit to his future.

But now because of the devils resentment, he had to choose another life.

When the wound improved, he immediately put into work.

Even if you are still in bed, do your best to solve all the problems for the patients.

Doctors benevolence is probably so.

Dr. Tao Yong said: I dont hate him anymore, but I cant understand why he killed me.

You only want to cure him, but he is planning how to revenge.

On April 18, Dr. Tao Yong sent a micro blog.

After eating wonton, thats it.

Add two pictures to make people cry.

His hands were blistered and even scalded.

But he didnt feel the pain.

He once said in a program that he had become more and more timid.

I hate that I have become what I am today. I am disappointed in myself! Sometimes, I prefer to let some patients, not to be my patients!

However, there is no if.

In the future, he may not be able to operate on the operating table.

Its the devil that made him a coward.

There are many more such demons.

At 6 a.m. on December 24, 2019, a devil broke the tranquility of Beijing Civil Aviation General Hospital.

Without any precaution, he stabbed Doctor Yang Wen in the neck with a knife.

The means of committing the crime is very cruel, and the knife is deadly.

It is said that the devil originally wanted to cut off Dr. Yang Wens head.

Five months after the incident, this moving picture is still suffocating.

Finally, after full treatment, Dr. Yang Wen left forever.

She has saved countless people, but she cant save herself in the end.

On December 27, 2019, the murderer sun Wenbin was arrested.

Its natural that killing is worth killing.

But what can this do?

Birth, aging and death are natural laws.

If the doctors who cant save the patients will be killed, who dares to be a doctor?

Whats more, do you know how hard it is to train a doctor?

In terms of time alone, it will take more than ten years, even decades.

They fought all the way to become doctors.

There was also a picture circulating on the Internet.

There is a saying: advise people to learn medicine, and strike thunder.

You are not easy to get through the undergraduate course. Congratulations, you can start your masters career for three years.

After the completion of masters degree, there are doctors career, standardized training, and attending examination

If youre 19 years old and you dont have big ups and downs in the middle of your freshman year, you may have to be around 30 to start your career.

On the first day, your peers have already started their own businesses.

Of course, there are not many people who can stick to the end.

According to statistics, more than 84% of medical graduates in China will not become doctors in the end.

Whats more, the white paper on the practice of Chinese doctors shows that:

60% of doctors do not allow their children to go to hospital.

Photo source: white paper on the practice of Chinese doctors

You may think its incredible, but I want to tell you thats what most doctors say.

Because being a doctor is so hard and tiring.

Sleeping on the ground is an emergency doctor.

That day, he received four emergency patients in an afternoon.

Moreover, the situation of the four patients is very serious. If they are not rescued in time, their lives will be in danger at any time.

After the operation, one of the doctors fell directly to the ground and fell asleep.

They dont have time to rest at all in special times.

And that has become their norm.

There is a doctor named Yang Wenkai in Sichuan.

After two weeks of surgery, he was finally able to go home and rest.

But before he got home, he was tired.

I cant imagine.

Another doctor who had been operated on for nine hours in a row asked his colleagues to give a needle to the neck to seal the operation until it was finished.

It has to be said that the word doctor is too heavy.

They have to shoulder all the heavy responsibilities and do their best without any negligence.

A small oversight can be a human life.

They cant afford to bet.

Especially in this epidemic, we have deified doctors.

But we all forgot.

They took off their white coats. They were just ordinary people.

Flesh and blood and love.

They have no time to be sad.

On February 11, a nurse in huoshenshan hospital learned about the sudden death of her mother.

Outside the ward, sobbing, she bowed three times in the direction of home to mourn her mother.

But at present, she has no time to cry.

it happens that there is a similar case.

A doctor from Henan Medical Team for Hubei received a phone call at 4 a.m. on February 18.

This phone call broke her in an instant, and she will never forget it.

Father died of a brain infarction.

Through the screen of her mobile phone, she watched her fathers breathing stop slowly. Her heart was like a knife, and she cried.

No matter how painful it is, you should hide it in your heart and continue to work.

On November 23, 2019, the father of a doctor in Shaanxi died.

It was in his hospital.

But it happened that there was an operation waiting for him.

He had to rush to see his father for the last time and quickly return to the operating table.

There is no time to grieve because there is another life waiting for him to save.

First of all, the patient should be in the back row, including the family, parents

There is no halo, no singing, only sadness and exhaustion.

In the documentary Chinese doctor, there is a picture like this.

I am now the chief physician, and it will take the country almost 25 years to cultivate one. Now I am 44. If I die, it is a waste of national resources.

You see, they have seen countless departures, but they are still afraid of death.

Its hard to train a doctor, but its easy to destroy a doctor.

According to the data of white paper on the practice of Chinese doctors:

In short, 72.86% of the medical staff were injured.

This is really not a small data.

I set out to practice medicine with a passion, but at last I was killed by faith.

Its extremely ironic.

Those who hold salaries for all shall not be frozen in the snow.

Whether its Zhong Nanshan who was vilified, Tao Yong who was cut, or Yang Wen who was killed.

Their original intention of choosing this road is for the country and the people.

But what about us? Its like give me life, and give me scars..

But the most basic respect can be achieved.

Finally, please forward this article and tell more people to respect and understand them.

Author: Ling Yi