[what happened in China] Trumps open letter once again threatens who foreign media: the ultimatum of wrong facts

 [what happened in China] Trumps open letter once again threatens who foreign media: the ultimatum of wrong facts

Britains guardian said Monday that Trumps threat to withdraw from who at the time of the World Health Assembly was like an ultimatum to the organization. But Trumps ultimatum to who again failed to gain support.

According to the article, the EU has realized that who has become a stage prop for Trumps re-election campaign. Virginia battu henriksson, a spokeswoman for EU foreign affairs, said the EU supported the World Health Organization. Now is the time to unite, not to blame each other or undermine multilateral cooperation.

In fact, reading through the so-called ultimatum, the specific content is the pot that the United States has been hyped many times before, but has not been thrown out. The letters first argument was confirmed by speed of light as Trumps favorite mantra, fake news..

Trumps letter rarely cites scientific arguments that who has ignored credible reports of the viruss spread in Wuhan since December 2019 or earlier This includes the report in the Lancet medical journal

Screenshot of Richard Hortons response to trumps open letter

According to the official website of the lancet, the paper entitled clinical characteristics of Wuhan patients infected with 2019 new coronavirus was published by Huang Chaolin, vice president of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital and others.

In addition, the international community generally disagrees with the USs actions of distorting the facts, contradicting itself, throwing off the pot and pushing the blame, and undermining international anti epidemic cooperation.

The New York Times reported that at the annual conference in Geneva, representatives of who member countries still chose to support the organization, largely ignoring Trumps demands for comprehensive reform and calling on the world to face the deadly pandemic together.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said he would continue to support who. A spokesman for EU Foreign Affairs said it was time to unite rather than blame or undermine multilateral cooperation. The EU supported whos efforts to contain and alleviate the epidemic. The permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations Office at Geneva said that there was nothing new in the letter, which of course we hold a negative attitude.

As the world struggles to unite in response to an unprecedented health crisis, it is fragmented, said Lawrence o. gostine, director of the ONeill Institute of national and global health law at Georgetown Universityuff08 LawrenceO.Gostin uff09Said.

(Editor: Qi Lei, Liu Shidong)