Some countries have accused the NPCs agenda for Hong Kong related affairs

 Some countries have accused the NPCs agenda for Hong Kong related affairs

The spokesman said that in recent years, especially since the practice storm in Hong Kong, the activities of Hong Kong Independence and radical separatist forces have become increasingly rampant, violent terrorist activities have been escalating, and some foreign and overseas forces have colluded with Hong Kongs Anti China and anti Hong Kong forces, openly engaged in Hong Kong affairs, and used Hong Kong to engage in activities endangering Chinas national security, posing a serious challenge The bottom line of the principle of two systems of state poses a real threat to national security, which must be prevented, stopped and punished according to law.

The spokesman pointed out that the decision of the National Peoples Congress to enact relevant laws aimed at those acts of splitting the country, subverting the state power, organizing and carrying out terrorist activities, as well as the activities of foreign and foreign forces interfering in Hong Kongs affairs will not only affect the rights and freedoms enjoyed by Hong Kong residents in accordance with the law, but also keep the legal rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents in a safe environment Better use of the environment. The principle of one country, two systems will not change, the high degree of autonomy of the Hong Kong SAR will not change, and the interests of foreign investors in Hong Kong will continue to be protected in accordance with the law. Under the condition that national security is effectively guaranteed, one country, two systems will surely go far and steadily, and Hong Kong will develop better and better. This is in the common interest of the international community.

The spokesman reiterated that the maintenance of national security is the exercise of one countrys sovereignty and the legitimate right of all countries, and that national security legislation belongs to national legislative power. It is a typical double standard and bandit logic for some countries to call themselves national security and to make trouble and obstruct Chinas efforts to safeguard its sovereignty and security! We warn those politicians that no matter how much you lie or rumor, they will not change the mainstream public opinion of Hong Kong, which is patriotic, loving Hong Kong and stable! No matter how you distort, slander, incite or threaten blackmail, you will not shake the Chinese peoples firm determination and strong will to safeguard national sovereignty and security! Your conspiracy to split, subvert, infiltrate and destroy China with the anti Chinese rioters as pawns and Hong Kong as bridgeheads will never succeed!

The spokesman urged relevant countries to respect Chinas sovereignty, abide by international law and basic norms of international relations, and stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and Chinas internal affairs! We also call on the international community to take a correct view of Chinas just measures to safeguard national security and push Hong Kong back to the right track, support Chinas efforts to fully and accurately implement the one country, two systems policy, and work with the Chinese people, including Hong Kong residents, to safeguard Hong Kongs prosperity and stability!