Really tight days, hard tasks 20 words to understand the work report of the government

 Really tight days, hard tasks 20 words to understand the work report of the government

On the morning of May 22, the third session of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in Beijing. Premier Li Keqiang made a report on the work of the government to the Congress. Although the length of this report is shorter than that of previous years, there are a lot of dry goods and real goods. There are 20 key words, including the hard target that must be achieved this year, and the real livelihood bonus.

Special national debt against epidemic

We issued 1 trillion yuan of special government bonds to fight the epidemic. We will make good use of special national bonds for epidemic prevention, increase investment in research and development of vaccines, drugs and rapid detection technologies, increase medical facilities for epidemic prevention and treatment, increase mobile laboratories, strengthen emergency supplies, and strengthen grassroots health and epidemic prevention.

Stabilizing the market entities of hundreds of millions

It is expected to reduce the burden for enterprises by more than 2.5 trillion yuan in the whole year. We should resolutely implement the policy of tax reduction and fee reduction to enterprises, save the green hills and win the future.

Really tight

General expenditure should be cut down resolutely. It is strictly forbidden to build new buildings or waste. Governments at all levels must be really tight. The central government should take the lead. The central governments expenditure arrangements at the same level have a negative growth, among which non urgent non rigid expenditure should be reduced by more than 50%.

emanding task with a definite quota requirement and time limit

Poverty alleviation is a hard task for building a well-off society in an all-round way. We should adhere to the current poverty alleviation standards, strengthen the implementation of poverty alleviation measures, ensure that all the remaining poor people get rid of poverty, improve and implement the monitoring and assistance mechanism for the returning poor people, and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.

Six stability and six guarantees

Six guarantees is the focus of this years six stability work. If we keep the bottom line of the six guarantees, we will be able to stabilize the basic economic structure; if we keep promoting stability and seeking progress in stability, we will lay a solid foundation for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.

Continuous employment service

This year, there are 8.74 million college graduates. In order to promote market-oriented and socialized employment, colleges and local governments should provide continuous employment services.

Voluntary deferred payment

In China, there are hundreds of millions of flexible employees, including casual workers. This year, the policy of voluntary deferral of social insurance premiums is implemented for low-income people, and all administrative fees related to employment are cancelled.

Stable post by training

We will subsidize training to stabilize jobs. Over 35 million people will be trained in vocational skills this year and next, and 2 million more will be enrolled in higher vocational colleges. We will make more workers more skilled and employable.

Work for relief

We will support farmers to find jobs and start businesses nearby, expand the scale of work for relief, and enable migrant workers returning home to work and earn money.

All in one

We will promote more services to be handled in one network, so that enterprises can handle all business online.

Unveiling the rank of commander

The key projects will be tackled by exposing the list to the top, and whoever can do it will be allowed to do it.

Online and offline integration

Support the recovery and development of catering, shopping malls, culture, tourism, housekeeping and other life service industries, and promote online and offline integration.

Two new and one heavy

We will focus on supporting the construction of two new and one heavy projects that promote consumption and benefit the peoples livelihood, while adjusting the structure to increase the strength of the future. Strengthen the construction of new urbanization. Strengthen the construction of major projects such as transportation and water conservancy.

New infrastructure construction

We will develop a new generation of information networks, expand 5g applications, build charging piles, promote new energy vehicles, stimulate new consumer demand, and promote industrial upgrading.

Should be out

All localities should clear up and eliminate unreasonable restrictions on employment, make full use of measures to promote employment, and make full use of measures to expand jobs.

Should be extended

The loan extension policy for SMEs will be extended to the end of March next year. The loan for inclusive SMEs should be extended as long as possible, and the loan negotiation for other difficult enterprises should be extended.

Hubei development package policy

We will implement a package of policies to support Hubeis development, support employment, peoples livelihood and transportation, and promote the overall restoration of economic and social order.

Life first

Adhere to life first, reform the disease prevention and control system, improve the direct report and early warning system of infectious diseases, and adhere to the timely and transparent release of epidemic information.

To be guaranteed

We should expand the coverage of the minimum living insurance, give full protection to the families in need in urban and rural areas, and promptly include the qualified urban unemployed and returnees into the minimum living insurance. People suffering from temporary difficulties due to disasters and diseases shall be rescued.

Constitutional responsibility

We need to fully and accurately implement the principles of one country, two systems, Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong, Macao people governing Macao, and a high degree of autonomy, establish and improve the legal system and implementation mechanism of the Special Administrative Region to safeguard national security, and implement the constitutional responsibility of the SAR government.