Zhou Xuns husband deleted the photo! Is this a five-year coup?

 Zhou Xuns husband deleted the photo! Is this a five-year coup?

After marriage, the two often join hands to attend various fashion activities and jointly receive endorsements,

From time to time, let fans envy you!

But I didnt expect that the sweet period of the new marriage was less than a year, and the time for the couple to get together was getting less and less. In addition, Zhou Xun used to be quite low-key, and after that, he rarely saw the pictures of their husband and wife opening the same frame.

In the past two years, Zhou Xun and Gao Shengyuan have been constantly exposed that they have been married. In April this year, Hong Kong media reported that they had been separated for more than two years, and Gao Shengyuan also proposed divorce to Zhou Xun last year. However, there was no positive response to these rumors.

And this time, Gao Shengyuans big deletion group photo incident, once again let fans worry about the truth of the rumors of marriage, because Gao Shengyuan deleted all the cover photos including the two for fashion magazines, the happy group photos when they announced their marriage, the advertising endorsement photos and so on! Such a move inevitably arouses the speculation of fans.

In the latest photo uploaded by Gao Shengyuan three days ago, it also shows him living alone on the outskirts of Los Angeles during the outbreak.

In fact, in the past five years since Zhou Xun and Gao Shengyuan got married, in addition to their first year of photo exposure, they have not been open to the public for another four years. Many netizens also said they were not surprised by the result of divorce.

Zhou Xuns side, not long ago, was also in a good mood and believed in the future. Compared with other artists singing in the studio or in a quiet place indoors, Ms. Zhou, who is close to life, brought you Tianya singer in an unexpected way. She held her mobile phone to the road and sang in the corner mirror. The accompaniment was the bird call in the background from time to time The Qingliu painting style is worthy of Zhou Xun.

Zhou Xuns real loveliness is also reflected in her daily dressing. Compared with other female stars, Zhou Xuns dressing at the airport is more real, never concave, plain, loose and more free. In a word, its how to be comfortable.

Character lovely with sex, business ability and very able to play Zhou Xun, whether or not marriage, I believe fans of her love will not change!

Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Xu_ NQ7809