If you break up, I will destroy you

 If you break up, I will destroy you

The above story is based on real events.

In November 2019, a senior girl in Fuzhou broke up with her boyfriend, but was threatened by the other sides open nude photos: I will put your nude photos in the school forum immediately... Tomorrow, I will check your parents and surprise my uncle and aunt.

But because the man emphasized that his father worked in the public security department, the girl finally gave up the idea of alarming

After more than ten days of struggle, she had no choice but to swallow more than 200 carsickness drugs to kill herself.

In reality, there are not a few women who suffer from sexual violence crimes.

In 2019 alone, China Womens Daily published dozens of such events.

Including: violent demand for a huge break-up fee, blackmail, tracking harassment, abusive assault and other vicious acts.

In fact, not only the ordinary people, breaking up violent crime is very common in any class.

In November 2019, South Korean singer sukhola died at home.

Previously, it was revealed that the ex boyfriend used their sex video as a threat to kill her acting career and beat him in the elevator to force him to kneel down and pray

In life, the vast majority of women are lack of vigilance and nostalgia under such circumstances, especially worried about the leakage of private photos and would choose to compromise under the threat, almost no one can make timely alarm.

However, according to statistics, when the victim compromises, the other party will not easily delete the nude video as agreed to stop threatening revenge, but more than 90% of the people will make a second threat, so repeat the cycle until the tragedy occurs and the police intervene.

China Womens Daily has also disclosed that in most cases of breaking up violence, victims have been under long-term threat control before the incident, including tracking, harassment, language threats, even violent injuries and other acts.

No matter what means the other party adopts, the purpose of doing so is nothing more than: asking for money, seeking compound, recovering sexual relationship and retaliation.

But we need to know: whether its nude photos or private videos, they cant be spread openly.

Because of this, breaking up violence can be avoided and prevented in advance:

1. If you are still in love:

He still forces you to do something, such as taking private photos, videos, pouring wine, having sex and so on, when you explicitly refuse and object;

Or show obvious possessive desire, extreme, violent tendency, stealing photos and other bad behaviors;

2. If youve broken up and been harassed by him, but it hasnt evolved into a threat:

Be sure to change personal communication mode and address, and resolutely cut off communication with the other party on the premise of keeping harassment records;

Clearly explain your situation and concerns to your relatives and friends. With your help and support, you can not only get psychological comfort, but also better protect your personal safety.

3. If you are harassed and threatened by him, even a large number of private photos and personal privacy information are in the hands of the other party:

Even if the injury hasnt happened, stealing photos, eavesdropping and spreading other peoples privacy violate the Punishment Law of public security management. With the help of the police, we can ask him to delete it and make a guarantee and commitment to avoid the spread and leakage of personal privacy to the greatest extent;

In addition to collecting evidence, the most important thing is to protect yourself and your family and friends;

Try to avoid meeting with each other alone. If you have to, please choose a public place with multiple cameras, or bring a reliable partner to the meeting with you when you have a report;

4. If your privacy has been leaked and spread, or there has been a violent incident, there is a huge psychological pressure:

Immediately dial the 110 alarm number, cut off the transmission channel, reduce the impact, and completely delete the source file is the top priority;

Timely medical treatment not only can stabilize the injury, but also medical records and diagnosis books can become strong evidence to punish the villain;

Afterwards, we can also continue to pursue responsibility, sign compensation and guarantee agreements between the two sides, and bring a lawsuit to bring the villain to justice to protect their rights.

Only by standing up bravely can we really protect ourselves.

Author: post-90s dad, draw some different cartoons. WeChat official account: a ID:xiaowuwaimai

Screenwriter: leather clothing illustration: Yoyogi