A case of killing rats by accident

 A case of killing rats by accident

On this day, AP dozed off at work and was trained by the workshop director. He was still angry on his way home from work: hum, Im also a person in charge now. Cant you see the quality of the cadres in this body? Whats so great about the workshop director? If your family lives in our street, I have to mediate something! At that time, I will also train you a turtle grandson!

A p thinks in such a fog and cloud, imperceptibly to his own administrative area, immediately a spirit. He stretched his clothes, took out a small bottle of dew, sprayed it on his head, spread his fingers to comb his hair, and then walked to his house with his head held high.

Buddy, youre back. Ill wait for you. Listening to the sweet call, AP finds a woman named a Ju squatting by her own door.

Whats the matter? A p asked in the tone of handling the case, and at the same time he took out the key to open the door. Unexpectedly, he took out all his pockets and didnt take out the key, so he remembered that the key had been left in his overalls pocket.

This is APs first case in office. He wanted to enter the room and take out the specially prepared Black Leather hard shell notebook. He made a highly responsible record, but he couldnt enter the door, so he had to stand outside the door.

A Jus case is not complicated: she bought back the rodenticide and put it in the kitchen to cure mice. At noon, Hu Ersao, the next door, persuaded the poison rat to get under her high cabinet and die of stink, which damaged her familys health and polluted the air. Hu er sister-in-law scolded when she found the dead rat. She had to admit her fault and compensate for the loss of indoor pollution. A Ju said: I cant stay at home because of her noise. I have to come to you. When you are an official, you have to make decisions for the people.

When ah P heard that ah Ju called him an official, not to mention how happy he was, he said to ah Ju, dont worry, this case will be difficult for me. What kind of mediator am I? He leads a Ju to Hu Ersaos house. But when he saw the door of the Hu family, AP was afraid.

He knew that sister Hu was a famous sharp mouthed woman who would scold her for a while if she was bitten by a mosquito. Six years ago, AP wanted to fall in love with her niece. Her parents didnt say anything. Instead, she came here and scolded AP for being bloody. From then on, AP didnt take a straight look at AP. From then on, AP was afraid to see her. This time I hit the door, can I have good fruit to eat?

A ps heart was timid, and his steps stopped in front of Hu Ersaos house. Looking back, he saw a Jus look for help, so he had to go to go through fire and water. Who called himself a mediator!

Hu er sister-in-law is having dinner. Seeing AP enter the door, she lashes her job and pulls him to the high cabinet inside. She claims to see the scene first. A ps eyebrows are low, at her disposal. He doesnt hear a word of her PIP in PIP spewing out with spitting stars. Hes thinking about how to judge the case.

Back at the dinner table, ah P found that ah Ju didnt follow in, and suddenly felt lonely and scared. But he had been forced to Liangshan, so he had to try his best to stabilize his mind and said tentatively, its true that your second sister-in-laws family has the smell of dead mice, and its also true that ah Ju put rat medicine, but is there any internal relationship between them...

Do you dare to say that the stinky mouse in my family is not a Ju poison? Hu er sister-in-law took over the first roar, a P was scared. In this jump, the cowhide strength of AP jumped up. He thought: its life or death that cant hide from this. My AP learned to cut his hair and meet his beard, but it cant break the opening for the first time. Im not here today to ask you to marry your niece. Im here to solve the case. Im a superior subordinate relationship with you, so I wont do business if you yell at me? In such a flash, ah P seriously settled the case.

There are two possibilities, even if the mice of ajudiu died in your house, AP said. First of all, this mouse belongs to the Aju family. She is responsible for running to your house to die after taking the medicine. These two, the mouse is originally your family, ran to the house of Aju to take the bait, and ran back to die, so you have a responsibility.

Hu er sister-in-law flicked her eyes and said, whats my responsibility? You make it clear to me!

You shouldnt have run to someones house to steal food, said AP

Is there a mark on the mice of your two families?

You only have mice to mark!

Thats right. A p didnt feel proud. According to my observation and analysis by Sherlock Holmes method, mice usually dont run to other peoples houses when they have food in their own home. Especially when they are suffering from taking medicine, they just want to climb back to their own nest, and they dont want to go far to pollute their environment. So it can be inferred that this dead rat was originally your familys, because your second sister-in-law said that health should be strengthened and the field should be cleared, and the mouse was hungry, so she went to the house of Aju to find food. Hu ers sister-in-law listened and asked angrily, as you say, Im white and smelly?

This problem needs to be dealt with. A Ju mistakenly poisoned your mouse and should be responsible for purifying the air. Just now I ordered her to buy a bottle of purifying liquid. Ah P said, taking out the dew and spraying it under the high cabinet, he stood up and asked sister Hu, do you think its necessary for her to compensate you for a mouse?

Pay for your mothers leg! Sister hu er cant laugh or cry.

I wish you had this posture. However, in order to avoid the recurrence of similar events, you have the responsibility to control your own mice in the future, and do not run into other peoples houses.

When ah P finished speaking, he slipped out of hu ers house and fooled a powerful hu ers wife there. He was stunned for a long time. When she had a taste, she didnt know where to go.

A p returns triumphantly, walks to the door, remembers again does not have the key. His stomach was cooing and it happened that a few brothers were going to hold a banquet for him as a mediator, saying that the dishes were ready and waiting for him to buy wine. At the banquet, a p showed off his feat of breaking the dead rat case and subduing the sharp mouthed woman. The more he drank, the more excited he became. When the dish was empty, he was extremely intoxicated.

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