Zhou Huajians love is more beautiful than singing. He was born on the same day of the same year as his wife and walked with him for 35 years

 Zhou Huajians love is more beautiful than singing. He was born on the same day of the same year as his wife and walked with him for 35 years

At 23 oclock, I had a relationship that broke up after graduation. His forget worry grass accompanied me through many nights.

He has been listening to his songs since the fourth grade of primary school. Now he has been in the society for seven years. Amazingly, Zhou Huajian is still singing on the stage.

People with dreams can not be old.

I hope that I can be like him, after a thousand sails, return is still young.

Just like what Im looking for, in my youth, in front of the bicycle, on some boys clothes, those clean smells.

Years take away some things from our life, and we also treasure some precious memories in the time. As the world of mortals rolls on, spring and autumn come, suddenly looking back on the past, like the white clouds and the grey dogs, they are changeable.

In the dark, it seems that there is always a figure lingering in our mind. Maybe we are poor all our lives, but we are still searching for oneu2014u2014

There are lovers in the world

This song was composed by Lin Xi. Zhou Huajian sang with Qi Yu in 1995, and was later used as the theme song by the Cantonese version of the eagles and the chivalrous men.

Maybe as the lyrics say:

Love is a lifetime, a reincarnation, no matter in the southeast and northwest; love is a period, a trace of right and wrong, teach lovers cant, say goodbye.

Back 10 years, in 1985, Zhou Huajian was a resident singer in a restaurant, holding a guitar to hurt spring and autumn.

That day, with any other day in the past, there is no difference, but there is another blonde girl under the stage.

After singing a few songs, the girl stepped forward and said excitedly, you know, you are doing a great thing. Its amazing..

Later when I watched Casablanca, I always thought, maybe there is so-called fate in the world, like the fate of the past and the future.

Just like Kang Zilan and Zhou Huajian, if it wasnt for her that day, she went there to eat something, or he went to other restaurants to sing that day, they might never meet again in their lives.

What a pity.

Maybe this is exactlyu2014u2014

I give my true love and I realize my dream

This album was released by Zhou Huajian in August 1988, when he and his wife, Kang Zilan, had been married for two years.

Since I met and fell in love in the restaurant, she has been supporting Zhou Huajians singing with her low salary, even paying the rent.

In those days, they had a very difficult time. In order to realize their dream, Zhou Huajian joined a leather bag record company. He thought he could become a professional singer, but he became a busybody.

However, Zhou Huajian endured, braved the rain, rode a motorcycle, and delivered records to customers from house to house for the company, so he finally made an opportunity to produce the last waltz, also the first album of his life.

Surprisingly, just a few days after the release of the record, the company went out of business. However, Zhou Huajian, who was already a traitor, had to go back to the restaurant to sing.

Its gold that always shines. Zhou Huajian comforts himself and Kang Cuihua encourages him.

Since Zhou Huajian sang the first scale on the stage, Li Zongshengs eyes have never left him, excited. So, he took him, the myth of four men, and here we have a starting point.

Dont want to be alone

This album was released by Zhou Huajian in 1990, when he was already popular.

But people are more and more busy. One day, kangzilan cried when she called him. She said, you have no time to accompany me now.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning, what made Zhou Huajian famous was not single songs and albums, but Qi Yu, out of appreciation for him, wanted to help him increase his income to alleviate the economic pressure on his family. He introduced an advertising company to him, each ad, with tens of seconds of background songs.

So in those four months, Zhou Huajian has sung more than 40 popular commercial songs. The God of singing is the God of singing, which is a miracle.

Now on a voice app, a divine tune becomes popular, which can bring hundreds of millions of traffic. If Zhou Huajian of 40 divine tunes is put on today, the picture is too beautiful to imagine.


On July 25, 2018, four men over 200 years old together started a myth, like a storm of youth, passing through everyones heart.

Zhang Zhenyue, who used to be sad and unable to support himself, grew up to be a real singer; Li Zongsheng, who sang with his soul, murmured about the ancient past;

Its just a few decades ago. Now, at the age of 59, Zhou Huajian has many stories in his eyes, but there is still no frost on his face.

He is an excellent singer and a legend of a generation. In the heyday of the Four Heavenly Kings, the only one who can surpass them is Zhou Huajian, Yang Yuying and Mao Ning, so he is known as the Heavenly King killer.

He sang every song into peoples hearts.

Zhou Huajians success, in addition to thanking his friends, also thanks to his wife, Kang Zilan.

Last year, a group of photos of Zhou Huajian and Kang Zilan were exposed on the Internet. They looked like a mother and a son. Her depression had made her old ahead of time, and her temples were frosted.

Beauty white head, hero late, is always a sad thing. But Zhou Huajian said: I dont remember a lot of scenery, but I will remember things in low tide for a lifetime.

So, she does not leave, he does not abandon, each other, hand in hand for life.

Probably, this is the best love in the world. You dont think Im young and poor, and I dont owe you.

Bless them, salute and thank you!


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