The best antiaging cream is it.

 The best antiaging cream is it.

The birth of a super all-around sunscreen

Previous studies have shown that people who are exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time are more likely to experience skin aging for ten years than those who are less exposed.

When they were punctured, the tightly arranged cells suddenly broke into a rout, and wrinkles, sagging and aging came one after another. Ultraviolet rays not only make people ugly, but also accelerate your aging.

You may think that I commute to work every day, why should I wear such a grand sunscreen?

In fact, you underestimate your sun protection needs. On the way to work, you will sweat. Going to the gym or running outdoors after work is another waterfall sweat

In decoding the new sun protection era for Chinese consumers released by tmall global and Kaidu consumer index, consumers hope to have sun protection products with high sun resistance, waterproof and sweat resistance, and easy to carry to help them adapt to outdoor, sports, commuting and other scene challenges [2].

In a word, I want a bottle of all-around sunscreen, easy to use.

Since its birth, the sun proof small gold bottle has been made for swimming, running and other outdoor hard core use scenarios, and its sun protection has always been unquestionably strong.

To judge the protection of a sunscreen, the most important thing is to see the sunscreen it uses.

According to Chinas technical code for the safety of cosmetics (2015 Edition), there are 27 sunscreens allowed to be used in sunscreen cosmetics, which can be divided into two categories: inorganic sunscreen and organic sunscreen [3].

Inorganic sunscreen, also known as physical sunscreen, is a kind of white inorganic mineral powder, which mainly reflects or disperses ultraviolet rays to achieve sunscreen effect. Sunscreen looks fake white on your face, mainly their pot.

Organic sunscreen is also called chemical sunscreen. Different from physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen can absorb ultraviolet rays of different wave bands, convert the absorbed ultraviolet light energy into heat energy, and ensure its own structure does not change. It can be called the ossification and spongy palms of ultraviolet rays.

Generally speaking, the more kinds of sunscreen are used, the more likely it is to achieve 360 degrees without dead angle comprehensive protection.

However, more physical sunscreen is easy to fake white, more chemical sunscreen is easy to stimulate the skin, how to choose and match a variety of sunscreen is a problem.

Is the way to upgrade sunscreen just to add all kinds of sunscreen?

Only by the choice and proportion of sunscreen, each family has its magic weapon. The competition for sunscreen has become more and more fierce recently.

Cant Ann bear the sun really?

Improving the effect of sunscreen is the core

Since its birth, only one goal has been achieved, that is, how to achieve effective protection for a long time.

The first point of sunscreen is always to resist ultraviolet rays.

Through the multiple combination of sunscreen, the sunscreen has achieved high efficiency and all-round protection. So how to solve the problem of persistence?

First of all, we need to understand what factors will weaken the protection of sunscreen.

Sunscreen needs to evenly distribute sunscreen on the skin to form a sunscreen film, just like putting a protective umbrella on our skin.

Once there is a gap or hole in the umbrella, ultraviolet light can be driven in for a long time, causing sunburn and sunburn.

When we wear sunscreen to the swimming pool, beach or outdoor, sweat and external water may wash or shift the sunscreen, resulting in the damage of sunscreen.

We sweat and make-up, and the sunscreen on our face may be rubbed off by towels or clothes.

If sunscreen can meet water stronger, wear-resistant rub, meet heat stronger, then need to worry about what perspiration, what repair rub?

In short, sunscreen can make the film more uniform after encountering water, and even freeze the sunscreen in its combat position, which can enhance the absorption capacity of UV even by 20%, so as to better protect your Sun [4-6].

This black technology of Anyang is called aquabooster sunscreen technology. It was first used on Shiseido blue fat people. It has been gradually transferred to Anyang product line since 2016.

By adding the exclusive powder, they make it soft and easy to push and harder to fall off after film formation.

Aquaboosterex sun protection technology

Do you think its over? As a super all-around sunscreen, of course, there are new moves.

The highlight of the new formula update of the 2020 version of the small gold bottle comes from the thermal booster technology, which is said to be strong when encountering heat.

Well, make complaints about your Tucao and Anne.

Dont make complaints about the suns skin.

The expected effect of this change is less boredom.

At the same time, alcohol was reduced from the fourth to the eighth place in the composition table, the amount of added alcohol was greatly reduced, the upper face was not smoky, and there was no trace after extraction.

In addition, the new type of sun proof 2020 Mini gold bottle has greatly increased the proportion of soothing ingredients, and added such components as Glycyrrhizinate, collagen, glycerin, green tea extract, alpine Edelweiss extract, yellow flower extract, aquainpool? And so on, which have the effects of anti oxygen, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing, and have less stimulation on sensitive muscles.

Pro test is effective.

In addition, one of the most worried points is that sunscreen is so waterproof, how to do if it cant be washed out?

An article published by Professor Huaxi Lili tells us that both cleansing and makeup removing for non waterproof sunscreen can be cleaned. After cleansing with makeup remover oil for waterproof sunscreen, the sunscreen residue is the least, and the water cleaning effect is the worst and the residue is the most [8].

But the experimental condition designed by Professor Li Li is to clean 30 minutes after applying sunscreen under indoor conditions, which is far from our daily use scenarios.

We still dont know the influence of natural secretion of oil, sweating, sun exposure and face wiping on the result of sun protection and cleaning. We suggest to use what cleaning, how cleaning and whether it will bring stimulation still need specific analysis.

Sun proof official website said confidently that it would not.

For dry skin and sensitive skin, it is recommended to use non soap cleanser to remove safe and sun resistant skin, which has less skin irritation [11].

Non soap cleanser, which is a mild cleanser mainly composed of amino acids, betaine, glucoside and other surfactants.

Generally speaking, the sun proof gold bottle is a good sunscreen that can be waterproof and washed easily.

Does Anyang look down upon Chinese consumers and deliberately sell stocks to the Chinese market?

No, its not. This is entirely in line with the requirements of relevant Chinese laws and regulations.

**Carbamic acid

***Except for newborns

Fig. sun proof product line in 2020 (source: sun proof official website)

In China, cosmetics that claim sunscreen efficacy belong to special-purpose cosmetics. Both imported and domestic products need to be approved before they can be put on the market. They all have an ID card number - approval number. Consumers can check it on the official website of the State Drug Administration.

Only products with approval number can be sold legally in China [9].

However, it will take a long time to apply for approval, so todays article does not have the purchase link of 2020 version of the sun proof Mini gold cap.

If this bottle of anti aging essence must have a name, it must be an anti sun.

This paper is reviewed by Chen Qiquan, M.D., dermatologist, the First Affiliated Hospital of Army Medical University


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