When life was completely changed, I thought it was just an ordinary day

 When life was completely changed, I thought it was just an ordinary day


If only I had scored one more point.

We often see such messages in the background. A lot of people are regretting something they did wrong in the past. They wish they could go back and rewrite their lives.

But then, how much can we control our destiny?

A lot of times, it is a series of butterfly effect in rewriting our life.

How many people have experienced the butterfly effect? What is the impact on everyones life? Lets take a look at your stories



I have suffered a lot since I was a kid to play and train. When I was in junior high school, I remember March 29, when I was thinking about how many people in the canteen would practice for a while at noon. There was a flagstone beside the court. I was thinking about how bad it was to fall down and hurt many people, so I kicked it to fall down. The flagstone stumbled on my foot. Then I missed the special move two months later, because of the comminuted fracture of four toes, the end of my career has not yet begun.

Later, I always wanted to say if I had a good line, or if I didnt care about the slate, or if I was more careful, my life would be different. Now Im a game designer. Ive done another thing I like. Its very good. After that, I believed.



In high school, in order to find out the same good, I began to mix in the paste bar. At that time, the paste bar often used pictures as signature files. I also wanted to do this kind of pictures, and began to learn Photoshop by myself. Although the course is very busy, but often take time to see some tutorials, in the weekend to do sign practice.

At that time, the grade director said that the school happened to have a CD package, but he was not satisfied with the design company, so he asked me to try it. I took over the task and made a design drawing in a weekend. Later, the school was very satisfied. The headmaster also met with me and sent me an annual design trend report from Yang design (generally provided to major companies, it would cost thousands to sell).

Later, during the preparatory course, I got the offer from central St. Martin College, the Art University of London. The major I chose was the book that the president gave me: product design!


@Sunny Cathy

Eight years later, I am now in New Zealand, with a masters degree from my hometown, and I started my life in a foreign country.


At the beginning, because of the failure in the college entrance examination, I didnt pay enough attention to volunteer. I only filled in the first volunteer seriously (which I didnt like very much), and other schools were filled in casually. I thought that this score could also be the first volunteer (what my father meant). As a result, the school score of the first volunteer went up sharply that year, but I couldnt, and I cried.

My dad thought it was his fault. In the middle of the night, he found a supplementary school for me, and then I went to the Northeast alone from Guangdong to go to a school I never heard of.


Before the college entrance examination, I always wanted to go to Fudan to study natural science. When I was taking the math test, I was always cautious. Suddenly, I didnt want to add a sentence at the end of the proof question as the summary of the score point. I felt that if I didnt want to write it, I would lose one point for nothing afterwards. At that time, a flash in my mind would change my fate.

As a result, the ranking of Fudan was suddenly improved. According to the previous years, I was very stable in Fudan nature experimental class. I missed one point, several places, and finally went to Shanghai Jiaotong University to study engineering.

But after entering Jiaotong University, I found that I was deeply attracted by the engineering department and really found my favorite career. I found my love just because of the score of the college entrance examination that year!


When I was in college, I heard my friend mention that trisomy was very good-looking. I started to watch it because I was bored. Later, I thought it was too good-looking, and then I read some science fiction. At that time, there was a bully boy in the class. Because trisomy found a common topic, they went to see Star Trek together and became good friends later.

After graduation, I occasionally talked with him about how hard it is to pass off work time. He said that you might find some interesting things and interesting people when you go to Doubans post.

Later, I met my husband on Douban. I have been married for two years.



The unintentional words of my classmates made me first contact with the three body series of novels. When I was young, I finished reading the trilogy one weekend, deeply shocked by physics and cosmology.

Under such influence, I entered a super middle school. Because of my excellent performance, I chose to take part in the physical competition and study. I chose the major as the senior three escort. I still chose the physics major that I have been familiar with for two years.

Will I be who I am now without the words of my classmates?

Students went to Huangshan for a tour, met a boy, and left wechat for a group photo.



When I was a child in the first grade, I was very happy in my mothers school. Then I went to my mothers office and everyone said dont be proud. The attitude around me makes me think that my happiness is wrong, because it is not appropriate to be happy with good performance and good grades.

Later, every time you get a result, you will stare at the place you are not doing well. Once you have a happy mood, you will attack your mistakes or imperfections.

Such a kind advice would be like a butterfly. When I first tasted the sweetness of victory at the age of five, I stirred up my wings, which gave birth to the storm that lasted for nearly 20 years.



20 years ago, my mother cried and walked to the bridge. I followed her and couldnt catch up. The toy I relied on accidentally fell into the river, but I still cried for my mother. The heartbreaking cry finally made my mother turn around and prevented her from committing suicide.



When I graduated from university to make boyfriend, I was faced with two choices: one was that I was a little gangster and a poor student when I was studying. After graduation, I was very popular in the society and I was in high school first love with me in a small city. The other was that I was actively taking the GRE test and was going to study in the UK. We were about to face the test of a different place. Because I was short of love and lack of security, I chose my first love in high school.

After graduation, I worked in the bank, with a considerable income and a promising future, but because my husbands career is still OK, I chose to leave my job and prepare to have children at home.

Then, there is Fengshui mountain in life.

Working in the bank for 7 years, my experience and contacts were all broken when I was running away from debt. In the next few years, I helped my husband to take care of some of the companys internal affairs while taking my baby with me. Later, the two still came to the end of their marriage.

This year, I am 39 years old. I am looking for a job together with the fresh graduates. I graduated from 211 English major 15 years ago. With my little remaining English foundation, I found a job as an institutional trainer with a small salary. Looking back on my journey, a good hand of cards was smashed by my students. It can be said that its not fair to meet people. Of course, I also have my own unstable position and no life plan.

@Movement times

When I was in the third grade of primary school, one of the little glasses top students in my class ran up to me one day to show that he read a lot of books. He patted my desk and asked me, have you seen old man Gao ? Balzacs!

I said I didnt see it, and he said, cut, I havent seen it.. I wanted to hit him, but I was curious about what the book was about. In order to get back to him, I finished reading this book. I couldnt stop my car from now on. I read almost half of the foreign literature in the Youth Literature Library

After reading it, I ran to other students to show off. As a result, we began to read books in order to compare our knowledge Reading is very popular in the class at one time.

Twenty years later, I was really engaged in the word related industry. Thank you for your little glasses.



His words made me feel confused about the current situation. At that time, he suggested that I take the postgraduate entrance examination. I tried my best to take the postgraduate entrance examination as if I had grasped the life-saving straw. In the process, my boyfriend and I parted hands, quit work and cut off all the way back. Later, I was admitted to the most famous school in the province, and now I have graduated and my salary has doubled.



No accident, I should be able to go to a good university in the province. Who would have expected that some strange Shenyou reactions happened in the last semester of senior high school, found out brain tumors, and could only suspend school and rush to Guangzhou hospital for surgery. Fortunately, my life was saved. Unfortunately, when I just finished the operation, I only had a short-term memory, and I couldnt remember my parents names.

With the gradual improvement of the body, the memory also slowly recovered, but the memory is still not as good as before. In the second semester of senior three, I returned to school, and my study also returned to before the release of understanding. Although I went back to school, my grades are still not as good as before. Although we know that the past cant be changed, sometimes we still feel that this is the Butterfly Effect?


When I was in primary school, I was recommended by the head teacher to participate in a science and technology competition for the general instructor of science and technology of the school. I didnt expect to win the prize, but I entered the final all the way. Since then, I have participated in various science and technology competitions. Now, I have established a robot studio with my friends.



Eight years ago, when I was born with solo for more than 20 years, I posted a friend seeking post on a whim, half trying to date the first person to reply, and now I have been married for six years.



After graduating from university in 2008, I didnt attend a job fair, but my classmates kindly helped me to submit my resume. Unexpectedly, I finally became the one chosen by more than 2000 people. Because of the companys reasons, I was transferred to Xian, where I stayed for more than ten years, married and had children, divorced and then settled down.

The help of my classmates changed my whole life.

Butterflies flapped their wings. Even for a moment, things were changing subtly. But there are both positive and negative aspects to this change.

Some studies have proved that if good changes are brought about, you can put more money on your face. When you succeed, you can classify all these factors as controllable / internal / stable factors, which will make you more confident.

In fact, its hard for anyone to judge whether the final result of those Butterfly Effect events is good or bad. Those accidental events are fate as well as choice, missing as well as opportunity. Before there is a final conclusion, they are all a blessing in disguise.

When we live to be script a, we will wonder if script B is better. We always feel that the road we havent walked is particularly attractive. But we need to recognize that, after all, its just imagination.

At present, what we can do is perhaps to accept the changes that have taken place and continue to accept the changes in life bravely.

The important thing is not to be turned around by something. No matter how the fate changes, you are living seriously.


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