At two oclock in the morning, I threw a kitchen knife at the 200 Marriott car on the 40th floor: whats the mood in the adult world

 At two oclock in the morning, I threw a kitchen knife at the 200 Marriott car on the 40th floor: whats the mood in the adult world

The day before yesterday, there was a hot search on Weibo.

Xiaoli in 1986 and her boyfriend in 1995 have been dating for more than one year, and they have no formal work. They rent a room on the 40th floor of a certain building in Hangzhou.

At about two oclock that night, my boyfriend came back from the outside. Xiao Li wants to see his mobile phone because she suspects her boyfriend has a woman outside.

As a result, the man refused to let them quarrel. Angry Xiaoli rushed into the kitchen and threw a kitchen knife at her boyfriend.

As soon as the boyfriend hid, the kitchen knife fell straight from the window.

Hit a range rover parked downstairs.

The range rover is an extended version with a market price of nearly 2 million.

At present, Xiao Li is in criminal detention on suspicion of endangering public security by dangerous means.

40th floor, its still a kitchen knife. It directly smashed a big hole in the car. You can imagine how terrible it is.

But even if the hit is a car, Xiao Li is now unemployed, and this money is estimated to be a heavy burden.

Thats exactly what it says: the world of adults, what emotions and what lives.

Everyone has a time when they are in a hurry, but the more emotional it is, the more explosive you are.

Being angry is not a skill. To be able to do nothing extraordinary at a critical moment is called a skill.

Society is not your parents

No one pays for you

Chen, a female passenger, questioned that the bus driver charged 1 yuan more for the fare, and slapped the driver while the bus was still running.

It was this small act that cost her dearly.

Meilan District Court of Haikou City sentenced Chen to four years in prison for the crime of endangering public security by dangerous means.

At the scene of the trial, Chen shed tears of regret.

Is the sentence too heavy? Of course not.

The driver is driving, and his life is in his hands. If you rush up, you will be slapped. If the driver stumbles, it is likely that the car will be destroyed.

There is always this kind of person in life. All of them are centered on their own emotions and cant reasonably control their emotions.

Such a person is playing a dangerous game with the devil.

Thats why Napoleon said: a man who can control his emotions is greater than a general who can take down a city.

On the contrary, when a person is out of control, his IQ really equals zero.

Control emotions

When I was little, the little boy in the neighborhood was very naughty.

A little wronged like to throw stones at other children, or even smash the nearby peoples glass several times.

We all say that the child must be a gangster when he grows up.

His father was very worried. In order to restrain him, he had to hammer a nail in the wooden door every time he lost his temper.

Later, his father told the little boy: when you can control your temper, pull out a nail.

Slowly, the little boy drove fewer nails and pulled more nails.

Finally one day he pulled out all the nails.

With more nails, our life will be scarred.

As time goes by, the people around you will stay away.

So, the power of emotion cant be ignored.

The best-selling book how to control your emotions: 22 effective laws of emotion management says:

He who is always in good mood must also be a man of good affinity, happiness and achievement. If you indulge or feed a bad mood, the final result is to hurt yourself, hurt others, grieve and hurt yourself.

Emotions such as floods, control can be a blessing.

If we dont control them well, we can only let them burst the levee and overflow and harm others and ourselves.

A really powerful person must be one who knows how to control emotions, and one who has a kind heart to the world.

Its instinct to lose your temper

Controlling emotions is the skill

Wang Yangming said, narrow heart is the root of misfortune, and open heart is the door of happiness.

For depression, resentment and other emotions, we should let it be natural and look down on it a little bit, and our mind will be broader.

Modern medicine shows that peoples emotions often fluctuate greatly, which will cause physiological diseases.

Therefore, to make yourself a peaceful person is not only good for others, but also good for yourself.

People are defeated by themselves, and first by their emotions, Jobs said

Having emotions is instinct. Being able to control emotions is the biggest skill.

Good luck is not bought, but built in a long life.

Click looking. Please believe that when you know how to control bad emotions, blessings will come naturally.

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