You and I are predestined. We will not disturb each other for the rest of our lives

 You and I are predestined. We will not disturb each other for the rest of our lives

When I was 14, my parents divorced, my father remarried, my mother remarried. They asked me, who are you with?

I hate the life without choice, and I hate the wrong choice.

So, I went with grandma.

At the age of 24, I met you, ten years of wind and rain, many are not easy, so I firmly believe that this lifes expectation is you.

You tell me that I dont have much, but if you want, even in the turbulent times, I will give it.

Then, I was moved and wept.

From small to large, I look at other peoples faces. Everything I get is given by others. No one has ever loved me so warmly.

So, even if I know its going through fire and water, Im not afraid.

I just ask you not to be like other people, perfunctory and deceiving me.

When it rained that day, you came to the airport with an umbrella to meet me, held my shoulder and said, in the future, we will have a home of our own here.

Maybe for other girls, its just one more partner around, but Im different, because youre my whole world.

So, for the future we imagined, I am willing to fight with you.

I feel very sad to see your father and son quarreling. For a child who lacks fathers love, I dont want to see you do the same.

What can I do? I have no money for him.

I said its OK. Ill find a way. After I was 14 years old, I asked my mother for money for the first time, and I took 30000 yuan when I asked her. Fortunately, she felt guilty inside. She didnt ask me what was difficult, so she called me in a hurry.

Probably, she doesnt care what difficulties I have. After all, she has her own children now.

In 2016, our love has gone through the third year. Im trying to talk about marriage with you.

You said, as long as your mother agreed, we will get married.

So, I wait from spring to autumn. When the first snow fell in the north, your mother came. She only said three words and disagreed.

I mumbled, where am I not doing well?

I dont know how to answer well, so I have to look at you.

You said to your mother, dont embarrass Xiaoyi, come to me if you have something. Anyway, you gave me the life. If you cant, you can take it back.

Your mother is direct, she said dont eccentric, you give your father 30000, I dont want more points, who you marry, its your own business, I dont care.

Im a little happy and a little sad.

Happy because, she finally stopped, sad is, you have no better than my family.


I borrowed money from my mother again. This time, she gave me 10000 yuan. I couldnt help it. I opened my mouth and took 20000 yuan from my father.

I thought, since your mother agreed, we can be together forever.

I think its OK. Anyway, as long as youre by my side, Im not in a hurry.

We celebrated that night, drank a lot of wine together, and I was glad to see your success.

But since then, youve been busier and busier, and more and more people. I always tell myself, be busy, dont think nonsense, happiness is hard won, to know how to cherish.


In the autumn of 2018, you are already a little famous person in the industry. I will mention marriage to you again, and you are still prevaricating.

I dont know how you become what you are, which makes me feel strange and insecure.

On the fourth day, you came back, didnt explain a word to me, and I didnt ask more questions.

At the beginning of 2019, when I was shopping, I met a long legged beauty walking by with your arm. I would like to rush over and slap each of you.

But intuition told me that I would be more sad.

So when I get home, Ill pack my things and wait for you to come back and say goodbye.

You dont understand. Ask me why?

To this day, you still cheat me, but I dont want to say more, I just tell you, nothing, its over.

Maybe you also know my character, so you didnt do much to keep me. Then on the third day after I left, there was a new host in my family.

Maybe out of guilt, you gave me double the money I gave you.


I went back to my grandmothers house for two months to heal my wounds and to be filial.

When the summer is almost over, you drive to me and ask if I can still be together.

I asked, what do you think?

Seriously, at that moment, I was not touched at all. I just thought that you were humble and a little rich, so I began to live a life full of money. I forgot who accompanied you through the difficulties again and again.

So I tell you, you and I are predestined. In the future, dont disturb my life again.

Maybe it will take a long time for me to recover completely, but its my own business.

In a flash, and see may, can pass, can not pass, are also slowly in the past, occasionally think, still some sad, but I know that there is a way in life, after all, to walk alone in the past.

And Im used to not relying on anyone anymore.

But I will never forget that someone once said to me: I dont have much, but if you want, even in turbulent times, I will give it.

I just hope that in the future, I can meet such a person.


u00b7Author Feng Xiaoyi, nice to meet you